ElectronMail 3.0.0 (e2ee-клиент ProtonMail и Tutanota)

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Неофициальный клиент email-securely-app для почтовых сервисов со сквозным шифрованием ProtonMail и Tutanota обновился до версии 3.0.0 и получил новое имя - ElectronMail. Программа написана Владимиром Яковлевым на фреймворке Electron и имеет открытый код. Основное отличие от бесплатных версий официальных клиентов — возможность поиска, отсутствие ограничений по объему и дополнительные возможности в оффлайн-режиме.

Среди изменений:

  • Улучшена изоляция аккаунтов (например, теперь возможна настройка разных proxy для разных аккаунтов);
  • Увеличена скорость экспорта;
  • Включена песочница.

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ElectronMail 3.2.0

  • [tutanota] Update built-in/prepackaged web client (cda7f50).
  • [protonmail] Enable saving emails to the local store the app failed to decrypt the content of which (#129, e5dd92c). This means that the bootstrap fetch process won't be stopped anymore due to the failed email content decryption. If the body decryption failed there will be a way to re-download the individual email by clicking the respective button. See the respective issue for details.
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ElectronMail 3.3.0

This is a first build based on recently released Electron 5.

The AppImage and Snap packages are still based on Electron 4 due to the SUID Sandbox issue. These packages have been built from the 3.3.0-electron4 branch.


  • Upgrade Electron to v5.0.0 (242d1d7).
  • Disable auto update feature (#133, b0ee7c3).
  • Update built-in / prepackaged web clients (97cd25e).
  • Get rid of about-window dependency in favor of custom implementation.
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ElectronMail 3.3.1


  • [protonmail] Fix opening embedded links (#136, b200b81). The issue started to appear since link opening modal got introduced by ProtonMail.
  • Update prepackaged / built-in web clients (3307b04).
  • Rework description links on the account create/edit form (#138, 9e6bbbc).
  • All the distribution package types including AppImage and Snap are now based on Electron v5 (#134).
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