ElectronMail 3.0.0 (e2ee-клиент ProtonMail и Tutanota)

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Неофициальный клиент email-securely-app для почтовых сервисов со сквозным шифрованием ProtonMail и Tutanota обновился до версии 3.0.0 и получил новое имя - ElectronMail. Программа написана Владимиром Яковлевым на фреймворке Electron и имеет открытый код. Основное отличие от бесплатных версий официальных клиентов — возможность поиска, отсутствие ограничений по объему и дополнительные возможности в оффлайн-режиме.

Среди изменений:

  • Улучшена изоляция аккаунтов (например, теперь возможна настройка разных proxy для разных аккаунтов);
  • Увеличена скорость экспорта;
  • Включена песочница.

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ElectronMail 3.2.0

  • [tutanota] Update built-in/prepackaged web client (cda7f50).
  • [protonmail] Enable saving emails to the local store the app failed to decrypt the content of which (#129, e5dd92c). This means that the bootstrap fetch process won't be stopped anymore due to the failed email content decryption. If the body decryption failed there will be a way to re-download the individual email by clicking the respective button. See the respective issue for details.
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ElectronMail 3.3.0

This is a first build based on recently released Electron 5.

The AppImage and Snap packages are still based on Electron 4 due to the SUID Sandbox issue. These packages have been built from the 3.3.0-electron4 branch.


  • Upgrade Electron to v5.0.0 (242d1d7).
  • Disable auto update feature (#133, b0ee7c3).
  • Update built-in / prepackaged web clients (97cd25e).
  • Get rid of about-window dependency in favor of custom implementation.
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ElectronMail 3.3.1


  • [protonmail] Fix opening embedded links (#136, b200b81). The issue started to appear since link opening modal got introduced by ProtonMail.
  • Update prepackaged / built-in web clients (3307b04).
  • Rework description links on the account create/edit form (#138, 9e6bbbc).
  • All the distribution package types including AppImage and Snap are now based on Electron v5 (#134).
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ElectronMail 3.4.0

  • Enable spell checker (#141). This is an opt-in feature for now so it needs to be explicitly enabled. After some time, with new releases, the feature is going to be enabled by default.
  • Reduce a number of local database saving operations, the database.bin file writing (#149, 718c2f2).
  • [protonmail] Update prepackaged / built-in web client (4086494).
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ElectronMail 3.5.0

  • Enable update check feature (#159, c76d074). This time the feature works for all the package types and enabled by default for all of them except the Snap package. There is no automatic new version downloading and installing but only notification.
  • Drop entry point support (#164, a419605).
  • Drop the migration from the v2/email-securely-app feature. The feature was introduced with v3.0.0 release.
  • Apply some tweaks in order to prevent «webview must be attached to the DOM» error occurring (#163).
  • [protonmail] Update prepackaged / built-in web client (c65804c).
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