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Mastering .NET Machine Learning

Master the art of machine learning with .NET and gain insight into real-world applications. .Net is one of the widely used platforms for developing applications. With the meteoric rise of Machine learning, developers are now keen on finding out how can they make their .Net applications smarter. Also, .NET developers are interested into moving into the world of devices and how to apply machine learning techniques to, well, machines.

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Три книги бесплатно

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  • Maven By Example

    Learn by doing — Maven by Example walks you through the key concepts for customizing and optimizing Maven.

  • Maven: The Complete Reference

    Get real practice — Includes expert insight and detailed diagrams of the POM, Maven Settings, Maven Archetypes.

  • Repository Management with Nexus

    Gain full control — Learn how to organize, store, and distribute components across your software supply chain.

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Kali Linux Wireless Penetration Testing: Beginner's Guide

Master wireless testing techniques to survey and attack wireless networks with Kali Linux. Kali Linux Wireless Penetration Testing Beginner's Guide presents wireless pentesting from the ground up, introducing all elements of penetration testing with each new technology. Learn various wireless testing methodologies by example, from the basics of wireless routing and encryption through to detailed coverage of hacking methods and attacks such as the Hirte and Caffe Latte.

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Apple Pay Essentials

Whether you are a brand new iOS app developer or a seasoned expert, this book arms you with the necessary skills to successfully implement Apple Pay. We start off by teaching you how to obtain the certificates necessary to encrypt customers’ payment information. We will use Xcode and Objective C for the interface and Node.js for server side code. You will then learn how to determine whether the customer can use Apple Pay, and how to create payment requests. You will come to grips with designing a payment-processor program to interact with the payment gateway. Finally, we take a look at a business-focused view of Apple Pay protocols and classes.

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Mastering React

React stands out in the web framework crowd through its approach to composition. This approach yields blazingly fast rendering capabilities. This book will help you understand what makes React special. It starts with the fundamentals and uses a pragmatic approach, focusing on clear development goals. You'll learn how to combine many web technologies surrounding React into a complete set for constructing a modern web application.

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Есть у кого Activiti In Action?

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Learning Predictive Analytics with Python

Gain practical insights into predictive modelling by implementing Predictive Analytics algorithms on public datasets with Python. This book is your guide to getting started with Predictive Analytics using Python. You will see how to process data and make predictive models from it. We balance both statistical and mathematical concepts, and implement them in Python using libraries such as pandas, scikit-learn, and numpy. You’ll start by getting an understanding of the basics of predictive modeling, then you will see how to cleanse your data of impurities and get it ready it for predictive modeling. You will also learn more about the best predictive modeling algorithms such as Linear Regression, Decision Trees, and Logistic Regression. Finally, you will see the best practices in predictive modeling, as well as the different applications of predictive modeling in the modern world.

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Learning Python Design Patterns - Second Edition

Leverage the power of Python design patterns to solve real-world problems in software architecture and design

Understand the structural, creational, and behavioral Python design patterns Get to know the context and application of design patterns to solve real-world problems in software architecture, design, and application development Get practical exposure through sample implementations in Python v3.5 for the design patterns featured

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Learning Scrapy

Learn the art of efficient web scraping and crawling with Python

Extract data from any source to perform real time analytics. Full of techniques and examples to help you crawl websites and extract data within hours. A hands-on guide to web scraping and crawling with real-life problems and solutions

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Procedural Content Generation for Unity Game Development

Harness the power of procedural content generation to design unique games with Unity

  • Learn the basics of PCG development
  • Develop a 2D game from start to finish
  • Explore all the different ways PCG can be applied in games

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Web Development with Django Cookbook - Second Edition

Over 90 practical recipes to help you create scalable websites using the Django 1.8 framework

  • This is the latest book on the market that will help you take advantage of the new features added to Django 1.8
  • This book consists of recipes of varying complexities to help you create multilingual, responsive, and scalable websites with Django
  • This updated edition teaches you major Django functions and will help you improve your skills by developing models, forms, views, and templates

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MongoDB Cookbook - Second Edition

Harness the latest features of MongoDB 3 with this collection of 80 recipes – from managing cloud platforms to app development, this book is a vital resource

  • Get to grips with the latest features of MongoDB 3
  • Interact with the MongoDB server and perform a wide range of query operations from the shell
  • From administration to automation, this cookbook keeps you up to date with the world’s leading NoSQL database

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Artificial Intelligence with Python

Build real-world Artificial Intelligence applications with Python to intelligently interact with the world around you

  • Step into the amazing world of intelligent apps using this comprehensive guide
  • Enter the world of Artificial Intelligence, explore it, and create your own applications
  • Work through simple yet insightful examples that will get you up and running with Artificial Intelligence in no time

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Principles of Data Science

Learn the techniques and math you need to start making sense of your data

  • Enhance your knowledge of coding with data science theory for practical insight into data science and analysis
  • More than just a math class, learn how to perform real-world data science tasks with R and Python
  • Create actionable insights and transform raw data into tangible value

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Modern Python Cookbook

This book comes with over 100 recipes on the latest version of Python. The recipes will benefit everyone ranging from beginner to an expert. The recipes will touch upon all the necessary Python concepts related to data structures, OOP, functional programming, as well as statistical programming. You will get acquainted with the nuances of Python syntax and how to effectively use the advantages that it offers. You will end the book equipped with the knowledge of testing, web services, and configuration and application integration tips and tricks.

fsb4000 ★★★★★ ()

Node.js Design Patterns - Second Edition

Get the best out of Node.js by mastering its most powerful components and patterns to create modular and scalable applications with ease

  • Create reusable patterns and modules by leveraging the new features of Node.js .
  • Understand the asynchronous single thread design of node and grasp all its features and patterns to take advantage of various functions.
  • This unique guide will help you get the most out of Node.js and its ecosystem.

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Programming Kotlin

Familiarize yourself with all of Kotlin's features with this in-depth guide

  • Get a thorough introduction to Kotlin
  • Learn to use Java code alongside Kotlin without any hiccups
  • Get a complete overview of null safety, Generics, and many more interesting features

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ASP.NET Core and Angular 2

Create powerful applications for the modern web

  • Build a complete single page application with two of the most impressive frameworks in modern development
  • Find out how to bring together the capabilities and features of both Angular 2 and ASP.NET Core
  • From managing data, to application design, through to SEO optimization and security – take a comprehensive approach to building your next web project

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Scientific Computing with Python 3

An example-rich, comprehensive guide for all of your Python computational needs

  • Your ultimate resource for getting up and running with Python numerical computations
  • Explore numerical computing and mathematical libraries using Python 3.x code with SciPy and NumPy modules
  • A hands-on guide to implementing mathematics with Python, with complete coverage of all the key concepts

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Mastering React Native

Leverage frontend development skills to build impressive iOS and Android applications with React Native

  • Apply flexbox to get layout and build rich animations that bring your React Native application to life
  • Integrate third-party libraries and develop customized components that run natively on iOS and Android platforms
  • Combine React Native with Redux, Redux middleware, and a remote API to build scalable data-driven applications

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Building Machine Learning Projects with TensorFlow

Engaging projects that will teach you how complex data can be exploited to gain the most insight

  • Bored of too much theory on TensorFlow? This book is what you need! Thirteen solid projects and four examples teach you how to implement TensorFlow in production.
  • This example-rich guide teaches you how to perform highly accurate and efficient numerical computing with TensorFlow.
  • It is a practical and methodically explained guide that allows you to apply Tensorflow’s features from the very beginning.

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Go Programming Blueprints - Second Edition

Build real-world, production-ready solutions in Go using cutting-edge technology and techniques

  • Get up to date with Go and write code capable of delivering massive world-class scale performance and availability
  • Learn to apply the nuances of the Go language, and get to know the open source community that surrounds it to implement a wide range of start-up quality projects
  • Write interesting and clever but simple code, and learn skills and techniques that are directly transferrable to your own projects

HerrWeigel ★★★★ ()

AWS Administration - The Definitive Guide

Learn to design, build, and manage your infrastructure on the most popular of all the Cloud platforms - Amazon Web Services

  • Learn how to leverage various Amazon Web Services (AWS) components and services to build a secure, reliable, and robust environment to host your applications on
  • Deep dive into the core AWS service offerings with hands-on tutorials, real-world use case scenarios, and best practices
  • A self-paced, systematic, and step-by-step guide to learning and implementing AWS in your own environment

HerrWeigel ★★★★ ()

Beginning C++ Game Programming

Learn C++ from scratch and get started building your very own games. This book is all about offering you a fun introduction to the world of game programming, C++, and the OpenGL-powered SFML using three fun, fully-playable games. These games are an addictive frantic two-button tapper, a multi-level zombie survival shooter, and a split-screen multiplayer puzzle-platformer. Start learning for free today!

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Python 3 Object-oriented Programming - Second Edition

Many modern programming languages utilize the powerful concepts behind object-oriented programming and Python is no exception. With today's free eBook you'll dive into classes, data encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism, abstraction, and exceptions. You'll also get an in-depth analysis of common object-oriented design patterns and discover the joy of unit testing.

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Python Machine Learning

Machine learning is key to business success these days and Python will help you deliver insights on trends and patterns in complex data. Today's free eBook covers a wide range of powerful Python libraries including scikit-learn, Theano, and Keras. You'll also get tips on everything from sentiment analysis to neural networks!

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Expert Python Programming - Second Edition

Become an ace Python programmer by learning best coding practices and advance-level concepts with Python 3.5

  • Based on the latest stable version of Python (version 3.5)
  • Creating well manageable code that will run in various environments with different sets of dependencies
  • Packed with advanced concepts and best practices to write efficient Python code

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Mastering Blockchain

Distributed ledgers, decentralization and smart contracts explained

  • Get to grips with the underlying technical principles and implementations of blockchain.
  • Build powerful applications using Ethereum to secure transactions and create smart contracts.
  • Explore cryptography, mine cryptocurrencies, and solve scalability issues with this comprehensive guide.

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Practical DevOps

DevOps is a practical field that encompasses coding - from testing environments to production environments - and focuses on delivering business value as efficiently as possible. Today's free eBook will get you started with DevOps and how it supports code architecture, testing, deployment, monitoring, and the agile process.

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Modern C++ Programming Cookbook

Over 100 recipes to help you overcome your difficulties with C++ programming and gain a deeper understanding of the working of modern C++

  • Explore the most important language and library features of C++17, including containers, algorithms, regular expressions, threads, and more,
  • Get going with unit testing frameworks Boost.Test, Google Test and Catch,
  • Extend your C++ knowledge and take your development skills to new heights by making your applications fast, robust, and scalable.

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Learning PostgreSQL

Create, develop and manage relational databases in real world applications using PostgreSQL

Learn about the PostgreSQL development life cycle including its testing and refactoring Build productive database solutions and use them in Java applications A comprehensive guide to learn about SQL, PostgreSQL procedural language and PL/pgSQL

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Building RESTful Python Web Services

Create web services that are lightweight, maintainable, scalable, and secure using the best tools and techniques designed for Python. Learn how to develop RESTful APIs using the popular Python frameworks and all the necessary stacks with Python, Django, Flask, and Tornado, combined with related libraries and tools. Dive deep into each of these frameworks to build various web services, and will provide use cases and best practices on when to use a particular framework to get the best results.

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