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Android Design Patterns and Best Practice

Create reliable, robust, and efficient Android apps with industry-standard design patterns

  • Create efficient object interaction patterns for faster and more efficient Android development
  • Get into efficient and fast app development and start making money from your android apps
  • Implement industry-standard design patterns and best practices to reduce your app development time drastically

fsb4000 ★★★★ ()

SELinux System Administration - Second Edition

Ward off traditional security permissions and effectively secure your Linux systems with SELinux

  • Leverage SELinux to improve the secure state of your Linux system
  • A clear approach to adopting SELinux within your organization
  • Essential skills and techniques to help further your system administration career

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Docker Networking Cookbook

60 practical recipes that help you gain expertise with Docker networking and understand the underlying constructs that make it all work

  • Enhance your Docker networking skills and protect your organization using advanced networking functions
  • Learn how to use third party tools to extend Docker networking
  • This practical and recipe-based book demonstrates the different ways in which you can network containers leveraging the Docker engine.

fsb4000 ★★★★ ()

Penetration Testing with Raspberry Pi - Second Edition

Learn the art of building a low-cost, portable hacking arsenal using Raspberry Pi 3 and Kali Linux 2

  • Quickly turn your Raspberry Pi 3 into a low-cost hacking tool using Kali Linux 2
  • Protect your confidential data by deftly preventing various network security attacks
  • Use Raspberry Pi 3 as honeypots to warn you that hackers are on your wire

fsb4000 ★★★★ ()

оффтоп. поскольку тот-кого-нельзя-называть забанил гугл ( вместе с гуглокапчей ), то для получения книг нужно пользоваться сами-знаете-чем

router ★★★★★ ()

AngularJS Test-driven Development

Implement the best practices to improve your AngularJS applications using test-driven development

  • Learn about TDD techniques, the TDD lifecycle, and its power through clear examples to enhance your Angular applications
  • Integrate AngularJS testing using Karma and Protractor to perform JavaScript unit tests
  • A practical guide filled with examples that focus on a wide range of testing techniques with AngularJS components

fsb4000 ★★★★ ()

Web Development with Django Cockbook - Second Edition

Over 90 practical recipes to help you create scalable websites using the Django 1.8 framework

  • This is the latest book on the market that will help you take advantage of the new features added to Django 1.8
  • This book consists of recipes of varying complexities to help you create multilingual, responsive, and scalable websites with Django
  • This updated edition teaches you major Django functions and will help you improve your skills by developing models, forms, views, and templates
utf8nowhere ★★ ()

Learning Aurelia

Harness the power of the next-generation JavaScript Framework, Aurelia, and start creating apps that really set you apart

  • Develop well-designed, decoupled, and testable single-page applications with Aurelia
  • Leverage the latest web standards to increase code performance, readability, and cross-compatibility
  • Understand how Aurelia is organized and use its innovative MVC approach to design professional-quality web apps

fsb4000 ★★★★ ()

Machine Learning with R - Second Edition

Want to turn your data into actionable knowledge, predict outcomes that make real impact, and have constantly developing insights? R gives you access to the cutting-edge power you need to master exceptional machine learning techniques. Updated and upgraded to the latest libraries and most modern thinking, the second edition of Machine Learning with R provides you with a rigorous introduction to this essential skill of professional data science.

fsb4000 ★★★★ ()

Python GUI Programming Cookbook

Over 80 object-oriented recipes to help you create mind-blowing GUIs in Python

  • Use object-oriented programming to develop amazing GUIs in Python
  • Create a working GUI project as a central resource for developing your Python GUIs
  • Packed with easy-to-follow recipes to help you develop code using the latest released version of Python

fsb4000 ★★★★ ()

Python for Secret Agents

Python is an easy-to-learn and extensible programming language that allows secret agents to work with a wide variety of data and utilize very sophisticated information processing. Today's free eBook will guide new field agent trainees through putting together a Python-based toolset to gather, analyze, and communicate data.

fsb4000 ★★★★ ()

Web Scraping with Python

Successfully scrape data from any website with the power of Python

  • A hands-on guide to web scraping with real-life problems and solutions
  • Techniques to download and extract data from complex websites
  • Create a number of different web scrapers to extract information

fsb4000 ★★★★ ()

Learning Python Application Development

As one of the most widely used programming languages, Python is supported by a rich set of libraries and frameworks that allow for rapid development. This comes with it's downside, which could bring down the quality and performance of an app. Learn practical, efficient techniques to improve application lifetime, by making code extensible, reusable, and readable.

fsb4000 ★★★★ ()

LaTeX Beginner's Guide

Get to grips with LaTeX with this accessible guide for beginners, and experience its versatility for yourself. Explore its extensive range of features to gain confidence with its impressive functionality using the step by step guidance, demonstrations and examples included throughout the book. Covering everything from basic formatting to typing complex mathematics formulas, LaTeX Beginner’s Guide is at once accessible and comprehensive, making LaTeX simple and easy to use.

fsb4000 ★★★★ ()

Building Business Websites with Squarespace 7

Master the tools and techniques of using Squarespace to create professional websites

  • Use all of the Squarespace functions to design, build, launch, and analyze your website
  • Employ this step-by-step, approach to discover the best process for building websites with Squarespace, including tips and advice specifically for businesses
  • Discover how to tailor Squarespace templates and functions to your business needs, whether it’s an information site, online portfolio, or e-commerce store

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Mastering Social Media Mining with Python

Social media is filled with a wealth of hidden data – unlock it with the power of Python. Today's free eBook will help you develop data mining tools that use a social media API and analyze data from leading social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Quora, and more!

fsb4000 ★★★★ ()

TensorFlow Machine Learning Cookbook

TensorFlow is an open source software library for Machine Intelligence. The independent recipes in this book will teach you how to use TensorFlow for complex data computations and will let you dig deeper and gain more insights into your data than ever before. You’ll work through recipes on training models, model evaluation, sentiment analysis, regression analysis, clustering analysis, artificial neural networks, and deep learning – each using Google’s machine learning library TensorFlow.

fsb4000 ★★★★ ()

Learning Data Mining with Python

Data is the new oil in this information age and today's free eBook will show you how to apply data mining concepts to real-world problems. Python is one of the most popular languages for data mining because it's powerful and flexible when it comes to analysis. Deep dive into the libraries available in Python for data mining and learn new algorithms and techniques for turning raw data into insight.

fsb4000 ★★★★ ()

Mastering Android NDK

Android NDK is used for multimedia applications that require direct access to system resources. NDK is also the key for portability, which in turn allows a reasonably comfortable development and debugging process using familiar tools such as GCC and Clang toolchains. This is a hands-on guide to extending your game development skills with Android NDK. The book takes you through many clear, step-by-step example applications to help you further explore the features of Android NDK and some popular C++ libraries and boost your productivity by debugging the development process. Through the course of this book, you will learn how to write portable multi-threaded native code, use HTTP networking in C++, play audio files, use OpenGL ES 3, and render high-quality text. Each chapter aims to take you one step closer to building your application. By the end of this book, you will be able to create an engaging, complete gaming application!

fsb4000 ★★★★ ()
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Mastering OpenCV with Practical Computer Vision Projects

This is the definitive advanced tutorial for OpenCV, designed for those with basic C++ skills. The computer vision projects are divided into easily assimilated chapters with an emphasis on practical involvement for an easier learning curve.

  • Allows anyone with basic OpenCV experience to rapidly obtain skills in many computer vision topics, for research or commercial use
  • Each chapter is a separate project covering a computer vision problem, written by a professional with proven experience on that topic
  • All projects include a step-by-step tutorial and full source-code, using the C++ interface of OpenCV

fsb4000 ★★★★ ()

Python Data Analysis

Today's free eBook shows you how to process and manipulate data with Python for complex analysis and modeling. Use these data analysis techniques to generate useful insights with popular open source Python modules like matplotlib, statsmodels, NumPy, SciPy, Pandas, scikit-learn, theano, keras, tensorflow, NLTK, and more! You'll also learn how to use Python with external environments such as R, Fortran, C/C++, and Boost libraries.

fsb4000 ★★★★ ()

Java 9 Programming By Example

Get the steps you need to discover the world of Java 9 programming using real-world examples

  • We bridge the gap between “learning” and “doing” by providing real-world examples that will improve your software development
  • Our example-based approach will get you started quickly with software programming, get you up-to-speed with Java 9, and improve your Java skills
  • This book will show you the best practices of Java coding and improve your productivity

fsb4000 ★★★★ ()

Statistics for Machine Learning

Build Machine Learning models with a sound statistical understanding.

  • Learn about the statistics behind powerful predictive models with p-value, ANOVA, and F- statistics.
  • Implement statistical computations programmatically for supervised and unsupervised learning through K-means clustering.
  • Master the statistical aspect of Machine Learning with the help of this example-rich guide to R and Python.

fsb4000 ★★★★ ()

Mastering Docker - Second Edition

Unlock new opportunities using Docker's most advanced features.

  • Experience first- and third-party tools such as Docker Compose, Docker Machine, Portainer, and Rancher
  • Learn how to leverage Kubernetes, Amazon ECS, and Docker Swarm and know when each solution is appropriate
  • Discover how Docker can be integrated into your daily workflows

fsb4000 ★★★★ ()

Expert Delphi

Become a developer superhero and build stunning cross-platform apps with Delphi

  • A one-stop guide on Delphi to help you build cross-platform apps
  • This book covers important concepts such as the FireMonkey library, shows you how to interact with the Internet of Things, and enables you to integrate with Cloud services
  • The code is explained in detail with observations on how to create native apps for Ios and Android with a single code base

fsb4000 ★★★★ ()

Vue.js 2 Cookbook

101 hands-on recipes that teach you how to build professional, structured web apps with Vue.js

  • Understand and use Vue’s reactivity system, data binding, and computed properties
  • Create fluid transitions in your application with Vue’s built-in transition system
  • Use Vuex and Webpack to build medium-to-large scale SPAs and enhance your development workflow

fsb4000 ★★★★ ()

Mastering Kubernetes

Master the art of container management utilizing the power of Kubernetes

  • This practical guide demystifies Kubernetes and ensures that your clusters are always available, scalable, and up to date
  • Discover new features such as autoscaling, rolling updates, resource quotas, and cluster size
  • Master the skills of designing and deploying large clusters on various cloud platforms

fsb4000 ★★★★ ()

Building Microservices with Go

Your one-stop guide to the common patterns and practices, showing you how to apply these using the Go programming language

  • This short, concise, and practical guide is packed with real-world examples of building microservices with Go
  • It is easy to read and will benefit smaller teams who want to extend the functionality of their existing systems
  • Using this practical approach will save your money in terms of maintaining a monolithic architecture and demonstrate capabilities in ease of use

fsb4000 ★★★★ ()

Azure for Architects

Implementing cloud design, DevOps, IoT, and serverless solutions on your public cloud

Design your cloud solutions with high availability, security, and scalability

Base your cloud solutions on strategy and architecture that meets the needs of your organization. In the Azure for Architects e-book from Packt Publishing, you’ll find simplified guidance for everything from understanding core services to delivering advanced solutions. Explore topics including:

  • Common design patterns, principles, and best practices for working in Azure.
  • Designing for high availability, performance, scale, and resilience, and making informed decisions about deployment strategies.
  • Core Azure services as well as advanced solutions that use the Internet of Things, serverless computing, DevOps, and data services.
  • Cost management, security, and monitoring to ensure your solutions meet business requirements.

Take a structured approach to your development and create solutions faster with the foundation provided in this exclusive e-book, free from Microsoft.

fsb4000 ★★★★ ()

A Developer’s Guide to Building AI Applications

Create your first intelligent bot with Microsoft AI.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is accelerating the digital transformation for every industry, with examples spanning manufacturing, retail, finance, healthcare and many others. At this rate, every industry will be able to use AI to amplify human ingenuity. In this eBook, Anand Raman and Wee Hyong Tok from Microsoft provide a comprehensive roadmap for developers to build their first AI-infused application.

Using a Conference Buddy as an example, you’ll learn the key ingredients needed to develop an intelligent chatbot that helps conference participants interact with speakers. This eBook provides a gentle introduction to the tools, infrastructure and services on the Microsoft AI Platform, and teaches you how to create powerful, intelligent applications.

  • Understand how the intersection of cloud, data and AI is enabling organisations to build intelligent systems.
  • Learn the tools, infrastructure and services available as part of the Microsoft AI Platform for developing AI applications.
  • Teach the Conference Buddy application new AI skills, using pre-built AI capabilities such as vision, translation and speech.
  • Learn about the Open Neural Network Exchange.

fsb4000 ★★★★ ()

Python Web Scraping - Second Edition

Successfully scrape data from any website with the power of Python 3.x

  • A hands-on guide to web scraping using Python with solutions to real-world problems
  • Create a number of different web scrapers in Python to extract information
  • This book includes practical examples on using the popular and well-maintained libraries in Python for your web scraping needs

fsb4000 ★★★★ ()

Learning Concurrency in Python

Practically and deeply understand concurrency in Python to write efficient programs

  • Build highly efficient, robust, and concurrent applications
  • Work through practical examples that will help you address the challenges of writing concurrent code
  • Improve the overall speed of execution in multiprocessor and multicore systems and keep them highly available

fsb4000 ★★★★ ()

Vulkan Cookbook

Work through recipes to unlock the full potential of the next generation graphics API—Vulkan

  • This book explores a wide range of modern graphics programming techniques and GPU compute methods to make the best use of the Vulkan API
  • Learn techniques that can be applied to a wide range of platforms desktop, smartphones, and embedded devices
  • Get an idea on the graphics engine with multi-platform support and learn exciting imaging processing and post-processing techniques

xaizek ★★★★★ ()

Python for Finance - Second Edition

Learn and implement various Quantitative Finance concepts using the popular Python libraries

  • Understand the fundamentals of Python data structures and work with time-series data
  • Implement key concepts in quantitative finance using popular Python libraries such as NumPy, SciPy, and matplotlib
  • A step-by-step tutorial packed with many Python programs that will help you learn how to apply Python to finance

fsb4000 ★★★★ ()

PostgreSQL High Availability Cookbook - Second Edition

Master over 100 recipes to design and implement a highly available server with the advanced features of PostgreSQL

  • Create a PostgreSQL cluster that stays online even when disaster strikes
  • Avoid costly downtime and data loss that can ruin your business
  • Updated to include the newest features introduced in PostgreSQL 9.6 with hands-on industry-driven recipes

fsb4000 ★★★★ ()

Mastering PHP 7

Effective, readable, and robust codes in PHP

  • Leverage the newest tools available in PHP 7 to build scalable applications
  • Embrace serverless architecture and the reactive programming paradigm, which are the latest additions to the PHP ecosystem
  • Explore dependency injection and implement design patterns to write elegant code

fsb4000 ★★★★ ()

React and React Native

Use React and React Native to build applications for desktop browsers, mobile browsers, and even as native mobile apps

  • Build React and React Native applications using familiar component concepts
  • Dive deep into each platform, from routing in React to creating native mobile applications that can run offline
  • Use Facebook's Relay, React and GraphQL technologies, to create a unified architecture that powers both web and native applications

fsb4000 ★★★★ ()

Expert Angular

Learn everything you need to build highly scalable, robust web applications using Angular 4

  • Apply best practices and design patterns to achieve higher scalability in your Angular applications
  • Understand the latest features of Angular and create your own components
  • Get acquainted with powerful, advanced techniques in Angular to build professional web applications

fsb4000 ★★★★ ()

Beginning C++ Programming

Modern C++ at your fingertips!

  • This book gets you started with the exciting world of C++ programming
  • It will enable you to write C++ code that uses the standard library, has a level of object orientation, and uses memory in a safe and effective way
  • It forms the basis of programming and covers concepts such as data structures and the core programming language

fsb4000 ★★★★ ()

Mastering Embedded Linux Programming - Second Edition

Master the techniques needed to build great, efficient embedded devices on Linux

  • Discover how to build and configure reliable embedded Linux devices
  • This book has been updated to include Linux 4.9 and Yocto Project 2.2 (Morty)
  • This comprehensive guide covers the remote update of devices in the field and power management

xaizek ★★★★★ ()

Python Data Structures and Algorithms

Implement classic and functional data structures and algorithms using Python

  • A step by step guide, which will provide you with a thorough discussion on the analysis and design of fundamental Python data structures.
  • Get a better understanding of advanced Python concepts such as big-o notation, dynamic programming, and functional data structures.
  • Explore illustrations to present data structures and algorithms, as well as their analysis, in a clear, visual manner.

yurikoles ★★★ ()

Deep Learning with TensorFlow

Delve into neural networks, implement deep learning algorithms, and explore layers of data abstraction with the help of this comprehensive TensorFlow guide

  • Learn how to implement advanced techniques in deep learning with Google’s brainchild, TensorFlow
  • Explore deep neural networks and layers of data abstraction with the help of this comprehensive guide
  • Real-world contextualization through some deep learning problems concerning research and application

bormant ★★★★★ ()
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Python Machine Learning By Example

Take tiny steps to enter the big world of data science through this interesting guide

  • Learn the fundamentals of machine learning and build your own intelligent applications
  • Master the art of building your own machine learning systems with this example-based practical guide
  • Work with important classification and regression algorithms and other machine learning techniques

bormant ★★★★★ ()

OpenCV 3 Computer Vision Application Programming Cookbook - Third Edition

Recipes to help you build computer vision applications that make the most of the popular C++ library OpenCV 3

  • Written to the latest, gold-standard specification of OpenCV 3
  • Master OpenCV, the open source library of the computer vision community
  • Master fundamental concepts in computer vision and image processing
  • Learn about the important classes and functions of OpenCV with complete working examples applied to real images

xaizek ★★★★★ ()

Python GUI Programming Cookbook - Second Edition

Master over 80 object-oriented recipes to create amazing GUIs in Python and revolutionize your applications today

  • Use object-oriented programming to develop amazing GUIs in Python
  • Create a working GUI project as a central resource for developing your Python GUIs
  • Easy-to-follow recipes to help you develop code using the latest released version of Python

bormant ★★★★★ ()
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Mastering Python Networking

Become an expert in implementing advanced, network-related tasks with Python.

  • Build the skills to perform all networking tasks using Python with ease
  • Use Python for network device automation, DevOps, and software-defined networking
  • Get practical guidance to networking with Python

bormant ★★★★★ ()
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