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Go Design Patterns

Learn idiomatic, efficient, clean, and extensible Go design and concurrency patterns by using TDD

  • A highly practical guide filled with numerous examples unleashing the power of design patterns with Go.
  • Discover an introduction of the CSP concurrency model by explaining GoRoutines and channels.
  • Get a full explanation, including comprehensive text and examples, of all known GoF design patterns in Go.

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Mastering PHP Design Patterns

Develop robust and reusable code using a multitude of design patterns for PHP 7

  • Learn about advanced design patterns in PHP 7
  • Understand enhanced architectural patterns
  • Learn to implement reusable design patterns to address common recurring problems

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PowerShell Troubleshooting Guide

Minimize debugging time and maximize troubleshooting efficiency by leveraging the unique features of the PowerShell language

  • Reduce troubleshooting surprises by understanding the PowerShell language
  • Avoid parameter passing mistakes by using PowerShell’s unique pipeline binding capabilities
  • Answer questions such as what, how, and why in troubleshooting sessions by utilizing PowerShell’s various write- cmdlets

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AWS Administration - The Definitive Guide

Learn to design, build, and manage your infrastructure on the most popular of all the Cloud platforms - Amazon Web Services

  • Learn how to leverage various Amazon Web Services (AWS) components and services to build a secure, reliable, and robust environment to host your applications on
  • Deep dive into the core AWS service offerings with hands-on tutorials, real-world use case scenarios, and best practices
  • A self-paced, systematic, and step-by-step guide to learning and implementing AWS in your own environment

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DevOps for Networking

Frustrated that your company’s network changes are still a manual set of activities that slow developers down? It doesn’t need to be that way any longer, as this book will help your company and network teams embrace DevOps and continuous delivery approaches, enabling them to automate all network functions. This book aims to show readers network automation processes they could implement in their organizations. It will teach you the fundamentals of DevOps in networking and how to improve DevOps processes and workflows by providing automation in your network.

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OpenVPN Cookbook - Second Edition

Discover over 90 practical and exciting recipes that leverage the power of OpenVPN 2.4 to help you obtain a reliable and secure VPN

  • Master the skills of configuring, managing, and securing your VPN using the latest OpenVPN
  • Gain expertise in establishing IPv6 connections and understand PolarSSL using the latest version of OpenVPN
  • This book contains enticing recipes about OpenVPN functionalities that cater to mission critical applications

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Learning Vulkan

Discover how to build impressive 3D graphics with the next-generation graphics API—Vulkan

  • Get started with the Vulkan API and its programming techniques using the easy-to-follow examples to create stunning 3D graphics
  • Understand memory management in Vulkan and implement image and buffer resources
  • Get hands-on with the drawing process and synchronization, and render a 3D graphics scene with the Vulkan graphics pipeline
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Learning Concurrent Programming in Scala - Second Edition

Learn the art of building intricate, modern, scalable, and concurrent applications using Scala

  • Make the most of Scala by understanding its philosophy and harnessing the power of multicores
  • Get acquainted with cutting-edge technologies in the field of concurrency, through practical, real-world applications
  • Get this step-by-step guide packed with pragmatic examples

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Mastering TypeScript - Second Edition

Build enterprise-ready, industrial-strength web applications using TypeScript and leading JavaScript frameworks

  • Start with the basics, then enhance your knowledge with in-depth discussions on language features, third-party libraries, design patterns and more
  • Practical examples that show how to use TypeScript with popular frameworks, including Backbone, Angular 2, React, Aurelia, Node and others
  • Focus on test-driven development to build high quality applications that are modular, scalable and adaptable

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React Design Patterns and Best Practices

Build modular applications that are easy to scale using the most powerful components and design patterns that React can offer you right now

  • Dive into the core patterns and components of React.js in order to master your application's design
  • Improve their debugging skills using the DevTools
  • This book is packed with easy-to-follow examples that can be used to create reusable code and extensible designs

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Implementing DevOps on AWS

Bring the best out of DevOps and build, deploy, and maintain applications on AWS

  • Work through practical examples and gain DevOps best practices to successfully deploy applications on AWS
  • Successfully provision and operate distributed application systems and your AWS infrastructure using DevOps
  • Perform Continuous Integration and deployment and fine-tune the way you deliver on AWS

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Docker Cookbook

Docker is a Linux container engine that allows you to create consistent, stable, and production-quality environments with containers. Today's free eBook has 80 hands-on recipes for Docker 1.6. Dive into network and data management for containers, RESTful APIs, logs and troubleshooting, use cases, orchestration, security, hosting platforms, and more!

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Angular Test-Driven Development - Second Edition

Enhance your testing skills to build powerful and fault-free applications in Angular v4:

  • Learn test-driven development (TDD) for JavaScript
  • Improve your Karma and Protractor expertise by setting up an Angular test suite
  • A wide range of testing techniques for professional Angular applications accompanied by practical examples

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Principles of Data Science

Learn the techniques and math you need to start making sense of your data

  • Enhance your knowledge of coding with data science theory for practical insight into data science and analysis
  • More than just a math class, learn how to perform real-world data science tasks with R and Python
  • Create actionable insights and transform raw data into tangible value

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Mastering C# and .NET Framework

Deep dive into C# and .NET architecture to build efficient, powerful applications

  • Uniquely structured content to help you understand what goes on under the hood of .NET’s managed code platform to master .NET programming
  • Deep dive into C# programming and how the code executes via the CLR
  • Packed with hands-on practical examples, you’ll understand how to write applications to make full use of the new features of .NET 4.6, .NET Core and C# 6/7

HerrWeigel ★★★★ ()

Building Machine Learning Projects with TensorFlow

Engaging projects that will teach you how complex data can be exploited to gain the most insight

Bored of too much theory on TensorFlow? This book is what you need! Thirteen solid projects and four examples teach you how to implement TensorFlow in production. This example-rich guide teaches you how to perform highly accurate and efficient numerical computing with TensorFlow. It is a practical and methodically explained guide that allows you to apply Tensorflow’s features from the very beginning.

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Learning Go Programming

An insightful guide to learning the Go programming language

Insightful coverage of Go programming syntax, constructs, and idioms to help you understand Go code effectively Push your Go skills, with topics such as, data types, channels, concurrency, object-oriented Go, testing, and network programming Each chapter provides working code samples that are designed to help reader quickly understand respective topic

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Mastering Unity Scripting

Learn advanced C# tips and techniques to make professional-grade games with Unity

Packed with hands-on tasks and real-world scenarios that will help you apply C# concepts Learn how to work with event-driven programming, regular expressions, customized rendering, AI, and lots more Easy-to-follow structure and language, which will help you understand advanced ideas

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Effective Robotics Programming with ROS - Third Edition

Find out everything you need to know to build powerful robots with the most up-to-date ROS

This comprehensive, yet easy-to-follow guide will help you find your way through the ROS framework Successfully design and simulate your 3D robot model and use powerful robotics algorithms and tools to program and set up your robots with an unparalleled experience by using the exciting new features from Robot Kinetic Use the latest version of gazebo simulator, OpenCV 3.0, and C++11 standard for your own algorithms

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Building Slack Bots

Create powerful, useful, fast, and fun chat bots that make Slack better

This is the first developer's guide to programming for Slack It covers everything you need to create chat bots for Slack’s conversational UI It’s full of realistic examples, usable code, and lucid explanations on everything you need to know

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Introducing GitHub, 2nd Edition

GitHub has rapidly become the default platform for software development, but it's also ideal for other text-based documents, from contracts to screenplays. This hands-on book shows you how to use GitHub's web interface to view projects and collaborate effectively with your team. The updated second edition covers code review, and includes updates to the desktop application, the Atom text editor, protected branches, and project management features.

  • Keep track of, and work with, developers more effectively
  • Learn the basics so you can contribute to your software projects
  • Understand foundational Git knowledge, including commits and cloning
  • Get tips on positive interaction with developers

fsb4000 ★★★★ ()

Learning Web Development with Bootstrap and AngularJS

Harness the power of both Bootstrap and AngularJS to build your own web app. Master the ideology of both frameworks and get hands-on as you build a contact manager throughout the course of the book. Discover filters, routing and views for your app. You will also learn how to connect your app to the server, customize Bootstrap and build a directive. Furthermore, you will look a potential stumbling blocks and will be given tips on how to avoid them. You will be building your dream web apps in no time.

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Mastering Text Mining with R

Master text-taming techniques and build effective text-processing applications with R

  • Develop all the relevant skills for building text-mining apps with R with this easy-to-follow guide
  • Gain in-depth understanding of the text mining process with lucid implementation in the R language
  • Example-rich guide that lets you gain high-quality information from text data

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SFML Game Development By Example

Simple and Fast Multimedia Library (SFML) is a simple interface comprising five modules, namely, the audio, graphics, network, system, and window modules, which help to develop cross-platform media applications. By utilizing the SFML library, you are provided with the ability to craft games quickly and easily. With just an investment of moderate C++ knowledge, this book will guide you all the way through the journey of game development.

fsb4000 ★★★★ ()

Infrastructure as Code (IAC) Cookbook

Over 90 practical, actionable recipes to automate, test, and manage your infrastructure quickly and effectively

  • Bring down your delivery timeline from days to hours by treating your server configurations and VMs as code, just like you would with software code.
  • Take your existing knowledge and skill set with your existing tools (Puppet, Chef, or Docker) to the next level and solve IT infrastructure challenges.
  • Use practical recipes to use code to provision and deploy servers and applications and have greater control of your infrastructure.

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Practical DevOps

DevOps is a practical field that encompasses coding - from testing environments to production environments - and focuses on delivering business value as efficiently as possible. Today's free eBook will get you started with DevOps and how it supports code architecture, testing, deployment, monitoring, and the agile process.

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Automate it! - Recipes to upskill your business

Put your life on autopilot and make your business processes efficient with the magic and power of Python!

Learn how to construct Python scripts to scrape data, manipulate files, and access websites’ APIs Get to know about the different types of bots, look at how to develop a simple chat bot and how bots can be used to automate business processes This book is written in Python 3.5 syntax to future-proof your automation and you’ll get an understanding of how to customize the scripts to meet your future automation needs

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Building Recommendation Engines

Recommender systems have become extremely common in recent years, and are applied in a variety of applications. This book will teach you how to understand your data and user preferences to make intelligent, accurate, and profitable decisions. You will learn to build recommender systems with popular frameworks such as R, Python, Spark, Neo4j, and Hadoop. You will get an insight into the pros and cons of each recommendation engine and when to use which recommendation to ensure each pick is the one that suits you the best

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Raspberry Pi Robotic Projects - Third Edition

Work through a mix of amazing robotic projects using the Raspberry Pi Zero or the Raspberry Pi 3

  • Easy to follow instructions, yet the ones that help you build powerful robots, and exclusive coverage of mobile robots with the Pi Zero
  • Build robots that can run, swim and fly and the cutting-edge dimension of robotics that is possible with the Raspberry Pi Zero and Pi 3
  • Interact with your projects wirelessly and make sci-fi possible, right in your home

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Functional C#

Uncover the secrets of functional programming using C# and change the way you approach your applications forever

This book focuses on the functional paradigm of C#, which will give you a whole new angle on coding with C# It illustrates the advantages that functional programming brings to the table and the associated coding benefits This practical guide covers all the aspects of functional programming and provides solutions that can be applied in business scenarios

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Learning Drupal 8

Create complex websites quickly and easily using the building blocks of Drupal 8, the most powerful version of Drupal yet

  • Build complete, complex websites with no prior knowledge of web development entirely using the intuitive Drupal user interface
  • Follow a practical case study chapter-by-chapter to construct a complete website as you progress
  • Ensure your sites are modern, responsive and mobile-friendly through utilizing the full features available in Drupal 8

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Java Deep Learning Essentials

Dive into the future of data science and learn how to build the sophisticated algorithms that are fundamental to deep learning and AI with Java. Starting with an introduction to basic machine learning algorithms, to give you a solid foundation, Deep Learning with Java takes you further into this vital world of stunning predictive insights and remarkable machine intelligence. By the end of the book, you’ll be ready to tackle Deep Learning with Java. Wherever you’ve come from – whether you’re a data scientist or Java developer – you will become a part of the Deep Learning revolution!

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Learning Python Application Development

As one of the most widely used programming languages, Python is supported by a rich set of libraries and frameworks that allow for rapid development. This comes with it's downside, which could bring down the quality and performance of an app. Learn practical, efficient techniques to improve application lifetime, by making code extensible, reusable, and readable.

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Mastering Bitcoin, Second Edition

Join the technological revolution that's taking the world of finance by storm. Mastering Bitcoin is your guide through the seemingly complex world of bitcoin, providing the knowledge you need to participate in the internet of money. Whether you're building the next killer app, investing in a startup, or simply curious about the technology, this revised and expanded second edition provides essential detail to get you started.

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Advanced Machine Learning with Python

Solve challenging data science problems by mastering cutting-edge machine learning techniques in Python

Resolve complex machine learning problems and explore deep learning Learn to use Python code for implementing a range of machine learning algorithms and techniques A practical tutorial that tackles real-world computing problems through a rigorous and effective approach

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Python Machine Learning Cookbook

100 recipes that teach you how to perform various machine learning tasks in the real world

  • Understand which algorithms to use in a given context with the help of this exciting recipe-based guide
  • Learn about perceptrons and see how they are used to build neural networks
  • Stuck while making sense of images, text, speech, and real estate? This guide will come to your rescue, showing you how to perform machine learning for each one of these using various techniques

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Python Data Science Essentials - Second Edition

Become an efficient data science practitioner by understanding Python's key concepts

Quickly get familiar with data science using Python 3.5 Save time (and effort) with all the essential tools explained Create effective data science projects and avoid common pitfalls with the help of examples and hints dictated by experience

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На самом деле сегодня раздают «Practical Business Intelligence»

Learn to get the most out of your business data to optimize your business

This book will enable and empower you to break free of the shackles of spreadsheets Learn to make informed decisions using the data at hand with this highly practical, comprehensive guide This book includes real-world use cases that teach you how analytics can be put to work to optimize your business Using a fictional transactional dataset in raw form, you’ll work your way up to ultimately creating a fully-functional warehouse and a fleshed-out BI platform

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PHP 7 Programming Cookbook

Over 80 recipes that will take your PHP 7 web development skills to the next level!

This is the most up-to-date book in the market on PHP It covers the new features of version 7.x, best practices for server-side programming, and MVC frameworks The recipe-based approach will allow you to explore the unique capabilities that PHP offers to web programmers

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JIRA Development Cookbook

Develop and customize plugins, program workflows, work on custom fields, master JQL functions, and more - to effectively customize, manage, and extend JIRA with this book and ebook

Extend and Customize JIRA--Work with custom fields, workflows, Reports & Gadgets, JQL functions, plugins, and more Customize the look and feel of your JIRA User Interface by adding new tabs, web items and sections, drop down menus, and more Master JQL - JIRA Query Language that enables advanced searching capabilities through which users can search for issues in their JIRA instance and then exploit all the capabilities of issue navigator Part of Packt's Cookbook series: Each recipe is a carefully organized sequence of instructions to complete the task as efficiently as possible

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Deploying to OpenShift

Get an in-depth tour of OpenShift, the container-based software deployment and management platform from Red Hat that provides a secure multitenant environment for the enterprise. This practical guide describes in detail how OpenShift, building on Kubernetes, enables you to automate the way you create, ship, and run applications in a containerized environment.

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Web Development with Bootstrap 4 and Angular 2 - Second Edition

Combine the power of Bootstrap 4 and Angular 2 to build cutting-edge web apps that truly stand out from the crowd

  • Updated for the latest releases of Angular and Bootstrap, this book shows you how to build web applications with cutting-edge web technologies
  • Combine the best of both worlds to build single page apps with elegant user interfaces
  • Build, develop, and customize your application using Angular and Bootstrap
  • Packed with tips to help you avoid potential stumbling blocks while developing

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Programming Kotlin

Familiarize yourself with all of Kotlin's features with this in-depth guide

Get a thorough introduction to Kotlin Learn to use Java code alongside Kotlin without any hiccups Get a complete overview of null safety, Generics, and many more interesting features

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PostgreSQL 9 High Availability Cookbook

Over 100 recipes to design and implement a highly available server with the advanced features of PostgreSQL.

Create a PostgreSQL cluster that stays online even when disaster strikes Avoid costly downtime and data loss that can ruin your business Perform data replication and monitor your data with hands-on industry-driven recipes and detailed step-by-step explanations

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Troubleshooting Docker

Strategically design, troubleshoot, and automate Docker containers from development to deployment

  • Utilize current and emergent technologies for effective Docker orchestration and management
  • A step-by-step guide to diagnosing and fixing problems with Docker containers

fsb4000 ★★★★ ()

Practical Change Management for IT Projects

Transform your IT project and make change stick with this step-by-step guide with this book and ebook

  • Ensure your IT project is a long-term success by creating a comprehensive Change Management plan
  • Build support for your project and new system with both leadership and end users
  • Full of easy to use templates, tips for success, practical examples, and insider know-how from a Change Management consultant to several Fortune 500 companies

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