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На сайте ежедневно можно бесплатно добавить в аккуант и скачать книгу, которая участвует в этот день в акции. Для загрузки необходима регистрация на сайте. Книга добавляется в аккаунт навсегда. Книги доступны в форматах PDF, MOBI, ePub, Kindle. Так же есть возможность скачать все исходные файлы (примеры из книги).

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Старая тема ушла в архив, вроде никто не создал новый тред, мб не заметил, если, что дайте знать.


Почему этот спам еще не потерли? Макском продался?

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Mastering Text Mining with R

Master text-taming techniques and build effective text-processing applications with R Develop all the relevant skills for building text-mining apps with R with this easy-to-follow guide Gain in-depth understanding of the text mining process with lucid implementation in the R language Example-rich guide that lets you gain high-quality information from text data

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Principles of Data Science

Learn the techniques and math you need to start making sense of your data Enhance your knowledge of coding with data science theory for practical insight into data science and analysis More than just a math class, learn how to perform real-world data science tasks with R and Python Create actionable insights and transform raw data into tangible value

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PHP 7 Programming Blueprints

Learn how to exploit the impressive power of PHP 7 with this collection of practical project blueprints – begin building better applications for the web today! Don’t just learn PHP 7 – follow a diverse range of practical knowledge to get started quickly Take advantage of PHP 7’s newest features – and find out how to use them to solve real development challenges Put PHP to work for performance and scalability – we’ll show you how, you do it!

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Learning Penetration Testing with Python

Utilize Python scripting to execute effective and efficient penetration tests Understand how and where Python scripts meet the need for penetration testing Familiarise yourself with the process of highlighting a specific methodology to exploit an environment to fetch critical data Develop your Python and penetration testing skills with real-world examples

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Learning Raspberry Pi

Unlock your creative programming potential by creating web technologies, image processing, electronics- and robotics-based projects using the Raspberry Pi Learn how to create games, web, and desktop applications using the best features of the Raspberry Pi Discover the powerful development tools that allow you to cross-compile your software and build your own Linux distribution for maximum performance Step-by-step tutorials show you how to quickly develop real-world applications using the Raspberry Pi

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Mastering Bootstrap 4

Learn how to build beautiful and highly customizable web interfaces by leveraging the power of Bootstrap 4 Adapt and customize Bootstrap to produce enticing websites that fit your needs Explore Bootstrap's grid system, helper classes, and responsive utilities Extend Bootstrap with jQuery plugins and learn how to create your own custom plugins

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Smart Internet of Things Projects

Discover how to build your own smart Internet of Things projects and bring a new degree of interconnectivity to your world Learn how to extract and analyse data from physical devices and build smart IoT projects Master the skills of building enticing projects such as a neural network autonomous car, computer vision through a camera, and cloud-based IoT applications This project-based guide leverages revolutionary computing chips such as Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and so on

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Прошлую тему целиком не читал, но хочу заметить, что у этого издательства в принципе куча халявных книжек, которые можно найти простым забиванием в гугл запроса


Ну и да, сборки на github никто не отменял

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Спасибо за инфу. Т.е. книги, что новый день бесплатно они есть в сборках на гитхабе? Если так, то стоит отрепить тред.

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Xamarin Blueprints

Leverage the power of Xamarin to create stunning cross-platform and native apps Helps you get a clear practical understanding of creating professional-grade apps with Xamarin Covers Xamarin.Forms, Xamarin Android, and Xamarin iOS If you want to transform yourself from an amateur mobile developer into a professional app developer across multiple platforms, then this is the ideal book for you

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Надо заканчивать оффтоп. Но ради просвещения скажу, что к сожалению очень даже быстро. Они просто пишут «заблокировать этот репозиторий и все форки» и GitHub блокирует всё дерево, было так уже.

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Mastering Metasploit - Second Edition

Take your penetration testing and IT security skills to a whole new level with the secrets of Metasploit Gain the skills to carry out penetration testing in complex and highly-secured environments Become a master using the Metasploit framework, develop exploits, and generate modules for a variety of real-world scenarios Get this completely updated edition with new useful methods and techniques to make your network robust and resilient

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Practical Data Analysis - Second Edition

A practical guide to obtaining, transforming, exploring, and analyzing data using Python, MongoDB, and Apache Spark Learn to use various data analysis tools and algorithms to classify, cluster, visualize, simulate, and forecast your data Apply Machine Learning algorithms to different kinds of data such as social networks, time series, and images A hands-on guide to understanding the nature of data and how to turn it into insight

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PostgreSQL Development Essentials

Develop programmatic functions to create powerful database applications

  • Write complex SQL queries and design a robust database design that fits your application's need
  • Improve database performance by indexing, partitioning tables, and query optimizing
  • A comprehensive guide covering the advanced PostgreSQL concepts without any hassle

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C++ Windows Programming

Learn the best practices that all C++ developers need to know and get started developing user-friendly and efficient applications for the Windows platform:

  • Create diverse applications featuring the versatility of Small Windows C++ library
  • Learn about object-oriented programming in Windows and how to develop a large object-oriented class library in C++
  • Understand how to tackle application-specific problems along with acquiring a deep understanding of the workings of Windows architecture

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React Native Cookbook

Take your React Native application development to the next level with this large collection of recipes

  • Build rich and engaging user experiences in React Native while maintaining peak application performance
  • Leverage the best of iOS and Android for React Native development while maximizing code reuse and cohesion
  • mplement architecture patterns in your React Native application that support efficient data access, routing, and testing

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Learning C++ by Creating Games with UE4

C++ is efficient, commonly used, and generally more performant than dynamically typed languages, and just a useful language to know. Today's free e-book will teach you C++ while making your own games with Unreal Engine 4 - you'll get lots of programming practice by writing reusable code, getting to grips with the the UE4 editor, programming in some seriously fun gameplay, and more!

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Object-Oriented Programming with PHP5

This book will help you to understand the core object-oriented programming concepts with PHP. PHP is one of the most popular languages for web application development, and PHP5 supports OOP very well. This book will help you to master core OOP features in PHP as well as advanced Topics like Design Patterns including Model-View-Controller (MVC), and Unit Testing. It includes suggestions to help you to write good code. Moreover this book provides comprehensive documentation and working examples on the Standard PHP Library (SPL), which are hard to find elsewhere. It will really help you to leverage PHP’s OOP features to write manageable applications with ease.

// З.Ы. Книжка конечно для людей с весьма специфичными вкусами, но пусть будет :)

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Kali Linux 2: Windows Penetration Testing

Kali Linux is the premier platform for testing and maintaining Windows security. Today's free eBook will help you quickly pentest your system and network. You"ll get an ovierview of Kali's top ten tools and other useful reporting tools, seven categories of exploitation tools, combinations attacks involving passwords, network sniffing, Windows privilege’s escalations, reverse-engineering Windows programs, and more!

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Unity AI Game Programming - Second Edition

Leverage the power of Unity 5 to create fun and unbelievable AI entities in your games!

  • Compose richer games by learning the essential concepts in artificial intelligence with exciting examples
  • Explore the brand new Unity 5 features that make implementing artificial intelligence in your game easier than ever
  • Using this practical guide become a competent Unity 3D developer by learning AI techniques, methods and the applicability of AI

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Advanced Penetration Testing for Highly-Secured Environments - Second Edition

Today's free eBook will help you take your penetration testing to the next level. Learn proven techniques to defeat network defences, explore a powerful arsenal of best practices, and hone your stealth skills with a series of challenges. The final challenge will allow you to create your own complex layered architecture with defences and protections in place, providing the ultimate testing range to practice the methods shown throughout this eBook.

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Object-Oriented JavaScript - Second Edition

The second edition of Object Oriented JavaScript has been one of our most popular titles of the last few years - and you can read it for free today! Created to help you dive deeper into JavaScript and explore it from a new perspective, this book combines practical guidance with useful theoretical insight so you can become a more fluent and confident JavaScript developer.

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SQL Server 2016 Reporting Services Cookbook

Create interactive cross-platform reports and dashboards using SQL Server 2016 Reporting Services

  • Get up to speed with the newly-introduced enhancements and the more advanced query and reporting features
  • Easily access your important data by creating visually appealing dashboards in the Power BI practical recipe
  • Create cross-browser and cross-platform reports using SQL Server 2016 Reporting Services

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Python Data Science Essentials - Second Edition

Become an efficient data science practitioner by understanding Python's key concepts

  • Quickly get familiar with data science using Python 3.5
  • Save time (and effort) with all the essential tools explained
  • Create effective data science projects and avoid common pitfalls with the help of examples and hints dictated by experience

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Scala High Performance Programming

Leverage Scala and the functional paradigm to build performant software

  • Get the first book to explore Scala performance techniques in depth!
  • Real-world inspired use cases illustrate and support the techniques studied and the language features
  • This book is written by Vincent Theron and Michael Diamant, software engineers with several years of experience in the high-frequency trading and programmatic advertising industries

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Java Deep Learning Essentials

Dive into the future of data science and learn how to build the sophisticated algorithms that are fundamental to deep learning and AI with Java. Starting with an introduction to basic machine learning algorithms, to give you a solid foundation, Deep Learning with Java takes you further into this vital world of stunning predictive insights and remarkable machine intelligence. By the end of the book, you’ll be ready to tackle Deep Learning with Java. Wherever you’ve come from – whether you’re a data scientist or Java developer – you will become a part of the Deep Learning revolution!

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Android UI Design

Plan, design, and build engaging user interfaces for your Android applications

Take an initial idea for an Android app and develop it into a detailed plan, supported by sketches and wireframes Provide a better experience for your users by following best practices and the new material design principles Work more efficiently and save time by testing your ideas at an early stage by building a prototype

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Practical Digital Forensics

Get started with the art and science of digital forensics with this practical, hands-on guide! In this book you will explore new and promising forensic processes and tools based on ‘disruptive technology’ that offer experienced and budding practitioners the means to regain control of their caseloads. During the course of the book, you will get to know about the technical side of digital forensics and various tools that are needed to perform digital forensics. By the end of this book you will have gained a sound insight into digital forensics and its key components.

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Flux Architecture

Flux Architecture

Learn to build powerful and scalable applications with Flux, the architecture that serves billions of Facebook users every day. This book will start by introducing the Flux pattern and help you get an understanding of what it is and how it works. After this, we’ll build real-world React applications that highlight the power and simplicity of Flux in action. Finally, we look at the landscape of Flux and explore the Alt and Redux libraries that make React and Flux developments easier.

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Python Geospatial Development - Third Edition

Develop sophisticated mapping applications from scratch using Python 3 tools for geospatial development. This book provides an overview of the major geospatial concepts, data sources, and toolkits. It starts by showing you how to store and access spatial data using Python, how to perform a range of spatial calculations, and how to store spatial data in a database. Further on, the book teaches you how to build your own slippy map interface within a web application, and finishes with the detailed construction of a geospatial data editor using the GeoDjango framework.

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Mastering Git

Attain expert-level proficiency with Git for enhanced productivity and efficient collaboration by mastering advanced distributed version control features. The book scope is meticulously designed to help you gain deeper insights into Git's architecture, its underlying concepts, behavior, and best practices. Mastering Git starts with a quick implementation example of using Git for a collaborative development of a sample project to establish the foundation knowledge of Git operational tasks and concepts. Furthermore, as you progress through the book, the tutorials provide detailed descriptions of various areas of usage: from archaeology, through managing your own work, to working with other developers

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Python Projects for Kids

Unleash Python and take your small readers on an adventurous ride through the world of programming.The book will teach the basics of Python programming, installation, and so on and then will move on to projects. A total of three projects, with each and every step explained carefully, without any assumption of previous experience.

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Android Application Development Cookbook - Second Edition

«Over 100 recipes to help you solve the most common problems faced by Android Developers today. This “cookbook” will make it easy for you to jump to a topic of interest and get what you need to implement the feature in your own application. If you are new to Android and learn best by “doing,” then this book will provide many topics of interest. Starting with the basics of Android development, we move on to more advanced concepts, and we’ll guide you through common tasks developers struggle to solve. The first few chapters cover the basics including Activities, Layouts, Widgets, and the Menu. From there, we cover fragments and data storage (including SQLite), device sensors, the camera, and GPS. Then we move on more advanced topics such as graphics and animation (including OpenGL), multi-threading with AsyncTask, and Internet functionality with Volley. We’ll also demonstrate Google Maps and Google Cloud Messaging (also known as Push Notifications) using the Google API Library.»

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Getting Started with Raspberry Pi Zero

Get started with the smallest, cheapest, and highest-utility Pi ever—Raspberry Pi Zero. This practical tutorial will help you quickly get up and running with Raspberry Pi Zero to control hardware and software and write simple programs and games. You will learn to build creative programs and exciting games with little or no programming experience. We cover all the features of Raspberry Pi Zero as you discover how to configure software and hardware, and control external devices. You will find out how to navigate your way in Raspbian, write simple Python scripts, and create simple DIY programs.

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Switching to Angular 2

«Switching to Angular 2” is the quickest way to get to grips with Angular 2 and will help you transition in to the brave new world of Angular 2. We’ll start with an overview which sets the changes of the framework in context with version 1.x. After that, you will be taken on a TypeScript crash-course so we can take advantage of Angular 2 in its native, statically-typed environment. We’ll look at the new change-detection method in detail, how Directives and Components change how you create websites with Angular, the new Angular 2 router, and much more.

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Mastering Wireshark

Mastering Wireshark will help you raise your knowledge to an expert level. At the start of the book, you will be taught how to install Wireshark, and will be introduced to its interface so you understand all its functionalities. Moving forward, you will discover different ways to create and use capture and display filters. Halfway through the book, you’ll be mastering the features of Wireshark, analyzing different layers of the network protocol, looking for any anomalies. As you reach to the end of the book, you will be taught how to use Wireshark for network security analysis and configure it for troubleshooting purposes.

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