SuSE Linux



SuSE Linux 7.2 for i386
Easier than ever before! "One look at SuSE's innovations reveals that the
company isn't resting on its laurels.", This is what the technical magazine
CHIP had to say about SuSE Linux 7.1. The same can be said about SuSE's
latest Version: 7.2.
Shipping June 11th.

SuSE Linux 7.1 for Alpha
SuSE Linux, the international technology leader and solutions
provider in Open Source operating system, announced that SuSE Linux 7.1
for Compaq's AlphaServer systems will be available by the end of May. By
porting the latest SuSE distribution to Compaq's 64-bit technology, SuSE
proves itself again as a leading provider of Linux server solutions. Apart
from the Alpha platform, SuSE Linux also supports Intel and PowerPC
CPUs as well as the SPARC and S/390 architectures.

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Re: SuSE Linux

ОПять русские заголовки, английские новости. :)
Печально, что я еще как седует SuSE 7.1 не пробовал, все времени нет :(


Re: SuSE Linux

ALSA там такая же кривая как и в 7.1?

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