Вышел Pardus 2011 Beta, как всегда с вкусными кедами




Для ТруЪ


 Live[1] and Installation[2] images of Pardus 2011 Beta release for 
 64-bit and
 32-bit architectures are ready.  For a smooth installation experience, 
 please verify the checksum of
 the ISO files after you have downloaded, use quality DVD's and burn 
 them in low speeds.

 In this release:

 * If we mention about the important feature of Beta release, first 
 one is YALI with renewed interface, LVM/RAID support and disc 

 * The boot splash of Pardus has completely renewed. 2011 release offers
 richer theme support and more capable animations by using Plymouth 

 * Pardus 2011 Beta release, coming with latest release of KDE desktop
 environment, KDE 4.5.2. With this release the backbone of desktop 
 environment Plasma, the file manager
 (Dolphin) and desktop effects has become more stable and faster with a 
 lot of

 * Firefox gets new stable release rapidly. 4.0b8pre release presents 
 many new
 features like the new interface of the browser as well as tab grouping, 
 between computers, passwords and history matching, a new add-on 
 HTML5, CSS3 and WebM technology supports are also most important 
 features for the developers,

 * The alternative web browsers such as Chromium and Rekonq are ready 
 for the
 users which prefer the alternative internet browsers other than 

 * The applications which are frequently used by desktop users such as 
 (multimedia player), Skanlite (browser interface), KTorrent (torrent
 interface), SMPlayer (video player) is installed in Beta version,

 * Those who use office applications extensively, can try LibreOffice, 
 continuation project, with improvements like Turkish spell checking, 
 and compatibility which are prepared by Pardus developers,

 * As well as the some innovations and effects on The Package Manager 
 more fast package updates and installation can be performed with the
 improvements in Pisi infrastructure. Package scoring and screenshot 
 which are the users' ambitions expected for 2011, now supported. 
 from the web interface and voting will be done soon,

 * System Settings configures Wacom tablet, Touchpad and Bluetooth 
 devices no
 longer. 2.6.36-rc7 version of Linux kernel provides support for the 
 users who
 have new computer with current hardware,

 Known problems for this release:

 * Shrink partition option YALI has some bugs.
 * YALI sometimes does not set system time correctly.
 * LibreOffice start in second run.

 Keep in mind that this is a beta release and because of the fast 
 development process, you will
 get massive number of package updates as more bugs are fixed.

 We'll be pleased to hear about bug reports and enhancement requests
 through product of 'Pardus 2011' in address.



 Gökcen Eraslan

Вроде русский уже должен быть из коробки, но в релизе точно будет.


вот когда будет русская языка нормально, тогда и можно будет постить новости о гепардусе )

Sylvia ★★★★★
Ответ на: комментарий от filosof

русификация должна быть из коробки, сейчас не прошлое тысячелетие, когда линукс надо было локализовать «абыррррвалг!»

Sylvia ★★★★★
Ответ на: комментарий от derlafff

да, конечно, а почему бы не взять локализации для того, для чего они уже сделаны?

КДЕ неплохо локализовано, ООо - локализован, для многих утилит есть русская локаль.
Ладно там Kaptain, Comar и прочая специфика, но пользователи вполне могут видеть русский язык в приложениях, дистр для этого всего-то должен взять уже готовые локализации

Sylvia ★★★★★
Ответ на: комментарий от neocrust

Не знаю, я только 2008.1 на своём компе и 2009.1 на компе подруги тестил.

filosof ★★
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