Перспективная позиция в Силиконовой долине, инф.без. и рус.яз.

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We are looking for rock star Security Engineer with expertise in cyber security. This is a great opportunity to define and implement interactive technologies that will have a positive social impact on millions of users. There is a lot of companies in the area of network security that sell software and other solutions to clients that range from small companies to governments. But there is only one company that stood up and started to use network security to secure network communication for consumers all over the world despite the efforts of many repressive governments to stop us. If you want to be on the front line of the Cyberwar for freedom on the Internet then join us now! Many criminals who erroneously name themselves «hackers» are trying to abuse networks around the world join us to fight them back!

Job Responsibilities:

Research, design, develop and deploy the intelligent solutions for providing innovative services in the area of network security. Develop solutions for intrusion detection and intrusion prevention. Work on developing solutions for malware and bot detection. Develop solutions for e-mail analysis and spam filtering. Develop solutions for heuristic analysis and discovery of new networking security threats. Develop solutions for traffic masquerading and tunneling in order to unblock Internet access for people in censored countries.

Job Qualifications:

3+ years of C development experience (ideally: networking, M/T, DBs, H.A., performance optimization). 3+ years of Perl development experience 3+ years of Linux/Apache/Mysql/PHP stack 3+ years of experience with networking protocols such as TCP/IP, UDP Experience with Linux system administration Some experience with development of syntax analysis and text parsing Experience with malware analysis/reverse engineering is a strong plus Ability to prove all ideas and defend all implementations by performing precise and informative measurements.

Preferable Job Qualifications:

Experience with machine learning is a plus Experience with malware analysis/reverse engineering is a strong plus Knowledge of Perl, Python or other scripting languages

Compensation and Benefits:

Highly competitive salary Excellent employee stock option plan Relocation assistance available Free food and drinks Foosball, Small gym and showers, Pool table, Table Tennis FREE Medical, Dental and Vision 401k

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Silicon - кремний, silicone - силикон.

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2all: А с каких пор педивикия вообще стала достоверным источником информации?

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Запарили своим силиконом

Что действительно запарило — так это дятлы-педанты, которым точность названий важнее сути.

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Хоть бы заголовок перевели правильно, ну сколько можно-то?

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