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Тут на ящик пришло, кто нибудь уже получал?

Hi Evgenyi,

Mozilla's roots go back to a time when the Internet was new, fragile and in need of nurturing.

A small group of people came together to do just that. They collaborated to create, shape and build a Web that is safe, open and accessible for anyone.

They made it something better: a place where anyone could come to build their dreams. With Firefox, they helped create the Web we know and love today — and ensured the Web would be a force for good in the world.

Today Mozilla continues to stand up for the Web we helped to build, and we are glad you've joined us.

We put together a fun and quick video that tells that story — and why we need your support to keep it going. I hope you like it!

Please watch «The Mozilla Story» and make a year-end donation of $10 or more to help keep the Web a force for good in the world.

We are a non-profit, which means we can keep our focus squarely on the people who use our software, on the public good, and on our mission, rather than on a bottom line or shareholders. And it means we can stand up to protect the Internet when it comes under attack through harmful legislation like SOPA.

But being a nonprofit means we also rely on your support to make it happen, to build software and programs that will create the next generation of webmakers. And, to be honest, building a better Web where anyone can dream, discover and create isn't cheap.

We've set a year-end fundraising goal of $300,000 — and because of supporters like you we are really close to reaching it. With just ten days left, we're at $263,000 — I hope you'll help us cross that finish line. Your gift will be put to work in the New Year as we fight to keep the Web a public resource for innovation and opportunity and protect the Internet as it comes under attack.

Can you help us meet our $300,000 goal with a donation today? It's tax-deductible if you live in the US:

Thanks so much, for all you do,


Что за Ben Simon, кто он там в мозилле?


Модный такой тренд, однако, пошёл.
На донейшены.
Но впринципе и нормально. (фигово только то, что чем больше на каждом углу бутут кричать «подаааайте люди добрые!», тем больше это будет раздражать)

Bad_ptr ★★★★★

Жирнолиса прокормить не могут? Или решили, что пора суперкомпьютер покупать, чтоб собрать следующую версию удалось?

kranky ★★★★★

Очередной фэбээровский дружинник.

le_legioner ★★

Хотя бы не википедия, которая деньги на яхты и лимузины выпрашивает.

Quasar ★★★★★
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Подам, если гонку версий прекратят и займутся отладкой имеющегося.


yoghurt ★★★★★

гугль урезал финансирование (и угрожает вообще отменить) и приходится теперь побираться

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