exquilla станет платным плагином.

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Делюь информацией.
Хороший плагин для работы thunderbird с exchange поверх ews скоро станет платным.
Зло побеждает.
Мэйл на самом деле пришел еще 12.07.2019, но вспомнил про него только сейчас.
Кому охота может прочитать во всех деталях:

Hello User_Name,

thank you for using ExQuilla to read your Exchange email in Thunderbird. There are lots of news about ExQuilla. We've held back so far, because we wanted to tell you all at once. (If you have already received this email, you now have a direct link to the purchase page, already prefilled for you.) There's bad news and good news:

1. The bad news is that R Kent James, the original author of ExQuilla, had severe personal health problems and consequently retired from development. We wish him as good health as possible, so that that he may enjoy his life, together with his wife

Even while in hospital, Kent still cared about finding a new owner for ExQuilla that can properly continue the maintenance, which is a very difficult task. He chose us, Beonex.

2. The good news is that, earlier this year, Beonex has formally and contractually taken over the ownership, responsibility and maintenance of ExQuilla. Beonex has a 20 year history of contributing to Thunderbird as Open Source, both as company and by its individual developers. We have scarified countless hours and years of our time to improve Thunderbird and its predecessors. Beonex has implemented many important and core features of Thunderbird, which you used without ever knowing where they came from.

So, this is our: Hello! Welcome, Alikhan Damirov!

We hope to serve you well, and we intent do keep ExQuilla working as long as it's technically feasible and financially reasonable. We do not plan drastic changes, and we do not plan new features, but to keep ExQuilla running with its current feature set. But there's one exception, so read on.

3. However, the bad news is: That also means that paid licenses will resume now. During last year, exceptionally, there was no payment due to the uncertain future of ExQuilla, but now that development has resumed, payment resumes as well. We've already been working hard on ExQuilla in the last months, and we need to finance this development, and pay our rent. ExQuilla was always intended as a paid product, and required a yearly license since 2013, so this just continues as before. Some of you might be new users, so this may be new to you.

We've deliberately kept the price low, to the price of a single meal. We don't want the price to stop anybody. If you really cannot afford the price, please tell us. Please help ensure the future of ExQuilla with your purchase.

You can purchase licenses on the new purchase page, already prefilled for you.

4. The good news is that we have already finished ExQuilla 68, which works on both Thunderbird 68 and current Thunderbird 60. Thunderbird 68 is due to be released in the coming weeks, and ExQuilla is already ready for it. Kent wasn't sure whether this was possible at all, because of extensive changes under the hood in Thunderbird 68, and indeed, it was a lot of work, but we're happy we made it.

5. Last but not least, the best news: Many of you have been asking for calendar support. The calendar is part of your team organization. I said above that we won't be adding new features to ExQuilla, with an exception. The exception is: The calendar! We're working on it. It'll likely be a few months more until release, but stay tuned. Keeping ExQuilla working with new Thunderbird version is hard work. We need your support to make this possible. If you want ExQuilla to thrive and continue a long time, please help us by funding this development with your license purchase.

Ben Bucksch


Alikhan Damirov

и сюда пробрались, это ужасно


Проприетарное ПО для работы с проприетарным ПО на проприетарной ОС. Всё правильно, всё логично.

Если ты не по доброй воле вляпался в Exchange, пусть тебе твой работодатель и оплачивает лицензию на плагин. В противном случае верёвка и мыло стоят дешевле.

mord0d ★★★★★
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Проприетарное ПО для работы с проприетарным ПО на проприетарной ОС.

На линуксе тоже работает.

Одно время им пользовался. Только вот раньше он уже был платным. Его потом бесплатно раздавать что ли начали?

Ivan_qrt ★★★★★
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у меня самого федорка.

evolution из коробки


Как бы продолжить пользоваться и не платить ?

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Я с exchange работал через обычный imap. Что-то сильно поменялось?

UPD: а, если он контакты без гемора с подсосом из AD тащит, то да, есть за что платить.

Dark_SavanT ★★★★★
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UPD: а, если он контакты без гемора с подсосом из AD тащит, то да, есть за что платить.

да, для этого и есть ews.
контакты, календарь и все прочее.
удобная штука.

dada ★★★★★
() автор топика
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На линуксе тоже работает.

Сервер Exchange на Linux работает? Снова я в криокамере протух залежался?

Под проприетарной ОС я подразумевал ОС на сервере, а не на клиенте.

mord0d ★★★★★
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у нас в конторе он в качестве мэйл-сервера.

Так вот почему ты такой зелёный? Соболезную.

у меня самого федорка.

Как будто на Windows оригинальный клиент лучше сторонних плагинов.

Да и сервер тоже так себе поделочка.

mord0d ★★★★★
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