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Обещают кучу всего полезного, особенно это касается ATI:

The Direct Rendering Manager improvements in this next kernel release will be particularly interesting and are perhaps as significant as earlier kernels that had introduced kernel mode-setting support for Intel and ATI/AMD hardware along with in-kernel memory management. The changes that the Linux 2.6.33 kernel will bring are aplenty and will impact almost all of those using an open-source graphics driver stack.

First off, the DRM in the Linux 2.6.33 kernel will finally deliver upon the KMS page-flipping ioctl. This Kristian Høgsberg innovation makes it possible for ATI and Intel hardware (along with NVIDIA hardware once Nouveau is merged) to have tear-free updating of the screen with low-latency page-flipping. This support will be worked into the X.Org Server, but it also happens to be one of the requirements for the Wayland Display Server. What this means for Wayland is that now any Linux 2.6.33+ kernel built from the mainline sources will be compatible with this radical display server and that no extra patching is required, but sadly some separate code branches and other hurdles still need to be overcome for other system packages.


Turning to the ATI/AMD side there are even more changes — in fact, the ATI work makes up a bulk of the DRM work for Linux 2.6.33. First and foremost, with the Linux 2.6.33 kernel there is Radeon DisplayPort support, which allows users to power their DisplayPort monitors via ATI Radeon hardware with the kernel mode-setting driver. This work is taking advantage of some of the Intel DisplayPort code that was shared earlier. Another big and important feature carried in this DRM pull request is the R600/700 IRQ support, encoder cloning support, external TMDS chip support, many suspend/resume fixes, a new new PLL algorithm for R500 chips and later, digital output hot-plug detection support (currently for DisplayPort monitors), and locking issue fixes.


Нда, в дебиане не скоро появится. Придется руками собирать.

Zitzy ()

[trollmode]АTI шагает к NVIDIA-капцу семимильными шагами :)[/trollmode]

А вообще все это круто. И если и nouveu допилят, то вообще будет супер.

Кактусоед (пользователь нвидии со стажем), текущий счастливый обладатель ATI.

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А еще, как только приведут в нормальное состояние gallium3d драйвер, будет opencl и прочие вкусности. только вот когда ж это будет?! ;)

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> А вообще все это круто. И если и nouveu допилят, то вообще будет супер.

2D на nouveau уже довольно хорошо работает, сам сижу на них с некоторых пор.

dark_lord ()

Re: [phoronix] 2.6.33 DRM


core: pageflipping ioctl, lots of EDID fixes from Fedora, fbdev helper fixes, move DisplayPort i2c helper from Intel to core, ms dirty region ioctl added.

AGP: fix to Intel AGP driver to clear GTT properly on startup

Intel: Ironlake support, Pineview support, Overlay support,

TTM: add support for vmwgfx driver which will go in staging, rework the validation APIs to allow better placement flexibility

Radeon KMS: Major bulk of changes, add DisplayPort support to KMS driver, R600 IRQ support (requires out of tree firmware), IRQ mitigation support, encoder cloninng support, external TMDS chip support, lots of suspend/resume fixes, new PLL algo for r500+ from AMD, digital output hotplug detection support (required for DisplayPort), radeon object handling rework to avoid numerous locking issues.

The biggest missing feature from the Radeon KMS driver before we can probably mark it not-staging is some sort of power management support, this is being worked on, but is a hairy problem, but lots of people have cards that run hot or with full fan and it would be nice to do something about it. However we will probably remove the staging bit before 2.6.33 goes live.

Also VMware have submitted a driver to go into staging to drive their virtual GPU, that we should probably merge via Greg before the windows closes.

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> Pineview support

Опа... Там же драйвер видяхи закрытый был. Не?

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А вообще все это круто. И если и nouveu допилят, то вообще будет супер.

2D на nouveau уже довольно хорошо работает, сам сижу на них с некоторых пор.

вот тут написано что мешает допилить nouveau :

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а вот AMD даже ненавязчиво заставило разработчиков radeonhd использовать ихний atombios для ускорения и простоты написания функционального драйвера. они сначала старались сделать чистый драйвер, полностью свою реализацию.

tommy ★★★★★ ()
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