Radeon DRM Power Management Moves Along



Over the past month or so there has been a lot of work done by Rafał Miłecki and other open-source driver developers in providing open-source power management support under the ATI Radeon DRM code-base. In fact, the power management support has been the hold-up for moving the Radeon kernel mode-setting support out of the staging area of the Linux kernel, which is expected to still happen with the Linux 2.6.33 kernel.

Over the past few days things have heated up even more with Rafal pushing out several new versions of his power management patches, which compared to earlier revisions from weeks ago is now leveraging the R600/700 IRQ support. This in-kernel power management code is working with more (older) Radeon graphics processors and offers various other improvements compared to earlier revisions.

The latest version of this dynamic engine re-clocking support for ATI GPUs can be found on the dri-devel mailing list. In the near future this work will hopefully land in the DRM tree, which should satisfy many open-source ATI users judging by the interest level of our readers.


Неделя ati и nvidia дров? Теперь точно ОН.

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ну эт не боян, а про power safe, DRM, IRQ уже было. Ты же сам постил. А на форониксе видать материала не хватает, вот они и обсасывают одно и тоже по 100 раз.

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