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Hey folks, Merry Christmas and Hanukkah Sameach! Figured it was about time to get some kind of kernel activity going again, but it most definitely belongs in /testing for now. I've been trying to shape this up for weeks, but there are still issues, and maybe someone out there can help. The biggest problem is that the 32-bit kernels crash on boot. Initially there's some sort of Intel ME failure (this is on a Thinkpad X1E). If those modules are blacklisted, then the kernel will go on to crash loading the snd_hda_intel module. The other issue is that I've got a 4K panel in this machine, and have always appended the kernel option video=1920x1080@60 to put the console in HD instead, and then loaded a Terminus console font to make the text even larger. With these kernels, that option is completely ignored. I've tried some
other syntax I've seen online to no avail. And when the Terminus font is loaded the text gets *even smaller* for some reason.
So be careful of these kernels (especially the 32-bit ones), but I welcome any hints about what's going on here or if there are config changes that might get this working properly. Is anyone out there running a 6.x kernel on bare metal 32-bit x86?




sed '/^FONT=/d; $aFONT=ter-v32n' /etc/vconsole.conf

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Ну тогда неудивительно, что у вас с этим настолько большие трудности 🙃

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Is anyone out there running a 6.x kernel on bare metal 32-bit x86?

Надо затестить на моём X31 как-нибудь

UPD: народ с X60 ужо резвится.

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