Is am cheap? Maybe the work I asked cost more?



Please, learn how to program. I was looking people to do for me some of my student projects. (I have very little time for deep debugging). I sent so many proposals, visited number of forums and posted my begging:) Sadly, nobody repose. I was willing to pay $100+ for each project. - no answer $200 project, silent again. $300 , one response. drop the project next day, said me he don't know how to do this.

Could you please answer me few questions:

a) Is am cheap? Maybe this work cost much more? b) Is it too hard? As far as I know, there are numbers of Russian's universities that are very competitive to MIT , Columbia, Stanford, Harvard, etc. c) If this is not that hard and the prices are acceptable why nobody response? I saw people looking for a $100 per month.

Please consider that it is only student projects, each one should not take more then one or two days for a nonprofessional student from mid-level "hard" usa school.


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