RPM search site




I know that this list normally announces new rpm packages but this is slightly
different and I hope complimentary.

There are now a huge number of packages spread around the worlds
ftp archives.
It can be difficult to find a package that meets your needs if you
dont know if it exists or what it is called.
I have written a crawler that searches the major ftp archives and
indexes all the packages that it finds as it goes.
This index has a web front end at
that enables keyword searches to be performed across the index.
Queries such as tell me all the packages that contain palm and
pilot in the description.

I would very much like people to beta test the site and see
if is useful as I am lacking critical feedback on the idea at
the moment. I know that there are a few bug in the system
that need to be ironed out.

Sorry if this post is off topic.



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