Sky2pc linux drivers



Hi, At the beggining I would like to apologise for writing in english but thet is the only way to say what I meen or want, becouse I dont speak russian :) I'm writing tis message from Yugoslavia and my roblem is that I can't find apopriate drivers for SkyStar Sky2pc satelite card for linux operating system and in some search I've made earlier I've found some keywords that matches my query, I've came to this web site but that was all that I have understood and haen't find any of may querys... I would like to aks if anybody knows anything about this sky2pc drivers 4 linux, to leave message (replay) or mail me at thanks ahead for aventualy help

Re: Sky2pc linux drivers

You mean SkyStar-1 or SkyStar-2 SkyStar-2 -- sux, no drivers for linux currenly available! If you have enough money buy SkyStar1 Enjoy!

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