Calligra 2.4 Released



News in This Release

This is the first release of Calligra so maybe talking about news is not the thing to do. However, Calligra is a continuation of the old KOffice project and it may be interesting for KOffice users to know what they will get. Here are some highlights:

  • Calligra now has a completely rewritten text layout engine that can handle most of the advanced layout features of ODF. This includes tables that can now span more than one page, footnotes and endnotes and correct run-around around other objects such as pictures. This text layout engine is used all over the suite. The Words application itself is also largely rewritten but this is not as visible to the user.

  • The user interface is simplified, especially in Calligra Words where several dockers are now combined into one tool controlling most aspects of text formatting.

  • Calligra can now handle larger parts of the ODF specification. One examples of this is that Calligra can handle line endings like arrows.

  • There are several new applications including Flow, the diagram application. Braindump, the note taking applications is another new member of the Calligra family.

  • Calligra Active is a new interface for touch based devices and especially for the Plasma Active environment.

  • Import filters for Microsoft document formats have been enhanced to a new level.

  • On the technical side handling of styles, especially style inheritance works now. Roundtripping of advanced documents has also been improved a lot.

  • And of course many many bugs have been fixed as well as enhancements to almost all small or big parts of Calligra.


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спасибо, самое главное я забыл :)

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() автор топика

О, оно ещё не сдохло... ШГ починили?

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Репостну свой ответ из жуйка:

Не совсем. Разрабы koffice захотели переименовать его в calligra, но некоторым разрабам это не понравилось и они решили продолжать развивать проект под названием koffice. Таким образом calligra получилась форком, который активно развивается, а единственный активный разраб koffice в основном занимается троллингом разрабов сalligra. В общем типикал опенсорс

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В новостях не ответили, ответьте здесь. Он действительно нужен?

Будет нужен, как только исправят косяк со шрифтами.

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