может в фак это добавить?

здесь я думаю имелся не общеизвестное г.. дистрибутив,
но ребята как угадали, например

For example, many users find the permissions confusing, because it's weird that a normal user can write to only one directory. on this new and improved distribution has the same rights as root.

with look and feel similar to Windows XP, except that the window decorations are cuter, the buttons are more round, and the icons are bigger

The Linux XP's website has huge software download archives, and the users can easily download many different Trojan horses to their system


Re: оффтопик

> Linux XP has a special support for Windows viruses, which means that Windows viruses can damage a Linux XP system just as much as they damage Windows!

Зачот! Чуть не усссался :)

Vanilin ★★★★ ()

Re: оффтопик

Позпбпвило. Название хорошее, вспомнили про Clippy :)

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