LFS LiveCD Version x86-6.2-pre2 Released



LiveCD Version x86-6.2-pre2 Released
Jeremy Huntwork - 2005/12/21

The LFS LiveCD team is proud to announce a new pre-release version of the LiveCD. Since this version of the LiveCD is tracking the LFS development instructions and is slated for release when the current LFS development book becomes stable, there will likely be many changes between this CD and the final x86-6.2 CD. We are pre-releasing at this time so that we can receive feedback on the new features we have included. Most notable among new features is the support for UTF-8 locales, and a modified version of the LFS Book for use in building a UTF-8 capable LFS system.


А что мешает настроить UTF-8 в твоей Федоре (Мандряке, Генте etc.) ?

Vanilin ★★★★ ()
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