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На спектруме была такая игра:

This game Armageddon Man for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum home computer, is based in 2032 and you are controlling an enormous network of spy and laser defence satellites capable of monitoring, influencing and controlling the political, economic and military events of the world.

With 16 superpowers with nuclear capacity, do you have the skills to avoid global devastation?

To help you in your task you have five primary resources. An information window lets you access the figures on food, technology and nuclear capability. This last area presents particular problems, as you try to work out whether it's safe to agree to a country's request to increase its allowance of warheads.

Backing up this data are the waves of communications that flood into your letter rack. Often these will flash onto the screen, interrupting whatever you're doing, but others may pile up in the tray, and vital information could be lost if you don't get to them in time.

Что сейчас есть опенсорсного такого типа (на реальных данных земли)?

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