Вышел Coreutils 8.27




Сабж. Changelog:

* Noteworthy changes in release 8.27 (2017-03-08) [stable]

** Bug fixes

  cp --parents will now set an SELinux context for created directories,
  as appropriate for the -a, --preseve=context, or -Z options.
  [bug present since SELinux support added in coreutils-6.10]

  date again converts from a specified time zone.  Previously output was
  not converted to the local time zone, and remained in the specified one.
  [bug introduced in coreutils-8.26]

  Commands like 'cp --no-dereference -l A B' are no longer quiet no-ops
  when A is a regular file and B is a symbolic link that points to A.
  [bug introduced in fileutils-4.0]

  factor no longer goes into an infinite loop for certain numbers like
  158909489063877810457 and 222087527029934481871.
  [bug introduced in coreutils-8.20]

  stat and tail now know about the "rdt" file system, which is an interface
  to Resource Director Technology.  stat -f --format=%T now reports the
  file system type, and tail -f uses inotify.

  tail no longer prints redundant file headers with interleaved inotify events,
  which could be triggered especially when tail was suspended and resumed.
  [bug introduced with inotify support added in coreutils-7.5]

  timeout no longer has a race that may terminate the wrong process.
  The race is unlikely, as timeout(1) needs to receive a signal right
  after the command being monitored finishes.  Also the system needs
  to have reallocated that command's pid in that short time window.
  [bug introduced when timeout was added in coreutils-7.0]

  wc --bytes --files0-from now correctly reports byte counts.
  Previously it may have returned values that were too large,
  depending on the size of the first file processed.
  [bug introduced in coreutils-8.24]

** Improvements

  The new 'date' option --rfc-email is now the long form for -R.
  The new option spelling is intended to avoid the need to track the
  Internet RFC number for email dates (currently RFC 5322).  The old
  option spellings --rfc-2822 and --rfc-822 still work.

  date now outputs "-00" for a numeric time zone if the time is UTC
  and the time zone abbreviation begins with "-", indicating that the
  time zone is indeterminate.

  nproc now honors the OMP_THREAD_LIMIT environment variable to
  set the maximum returned value.  OMP_NUM_THREADS continues to
  set the minimum returned value, but is updated to support the
  nested level syntax allowed in this variable.

  stty now validates arguments before interacting with the device,
  ensuring there are no side effects to specifying an invalid option.

  If the file B already exists, commands like 'ln -f A B' and
  'cp -fl A B' no longer remove B before creating the new link.
  That is, there is no longer a brief moment when B does not exist.

** New features

  expand and unexpand now support specifying a tab size to use
  after explicitly specified tab stops, by prefixing the last
  specified number like --tabs=2,4,/8.



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Свежее версии 8.26 в Debian'е пока, да, не наблюдается.

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Где анализ на кодировки? Лентяй!

Лорчую этого регистранта. Даже без ника топикстартера, увидев один лишь заголовок сего треда я приготовился смотреть статистику и аналитические прогнозы, предвещающие небывалый рост доли КОИ8 уже в ближайшем будущем, а увидел какую-то унылую скопипащенную простыню на буржуйском. Нельзя же так, можно всех читателей растерять.

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А на хурде KOI8-R работает?

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demidrol, entefeed, mittorn, eagleivg, chinarulezz, generator, концепция Unix теперь безнадёжно сломана, <призыв к совершению самоубийства об вертикальную поверхность>.

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Еретики! <призыв к массовым аутодафе>.

Но кто же тогда поддерживать coreutils будет?

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Перегружены GNU спецификой.

      UTILITY         MISSING
0=*|o cp              (-i)
0=*|o getconf         (-v)
0#* o ls              (-C, -k, -m, -p, -s, -x)
0=*|o mv              (-i)
0=*|o rm              (-i)
0=*|o xargs           (-p)

Да, с такой перегрузкой явно никто не осилит.

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Ага, аж прям кушать не могу! Пойду в спортлото напишу...

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sbase: 54 коммитера. ubase: 22 коммитера.

В третьегном с девизом „это слишком сложно для пользователя” тоже кто-то коммитит, возможно даже эти самые люди.

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Ты чо, пёс, тут кастами разбрасываешься? Совсем страх потерял.

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