GNU coreutils 7.1



релиз GNU coreutils 7.1 (stable)
** New features

Add extended attribute support available on certain filesystems like ext2
and XFS.
cp: Tries to copy xattrs when --preserve=xattr or --preserve=all specified
mv: Always tries to copy xattrs
install: Never copies xattrs

cp and mv accept a new option, --no-clobber (-n): silently refrain
from overwriting any existing destination file

dd accepts iflag=cio and oflag=cio to open the file in CIO (concurrent I/O)
mode where this feature is available.

install accepts a new option, --compare (-C): compare each pair of source
and destination files, and if the destination has identical content and
any specified owner, group, permissions, and possibly SELinux context, then
do not modify the destination at all.

ls --color now highlights hard linked files, too

stat -f recognizes the Lustre file system type

** Bug fixes

chgrp, chmod, chown --silent (--quiet, -f) no longer print some diagnostics
[bug introduced in coreutils-5.1]

cp uses much less memory in some situations

cp -a now correctly tries to preserve SELinux context (announced in 6.9.90),
doesn't inform about failure, unlike with --preserve=all

du --files0-from=FILE no longer reads all of FILE into RAM before
processing the first file name

seq 9223372036854775807 9223372036854775808 now prints only two numbers
on systems with extended long double support and good library support.
Even with this patch, on some systems, it still produces invalid output,
from 3 to at least 1026 lines long. [bug introduced in coreutils-6.11]

seq -w now accounts for a decimal point added to the last number
to correctly print all numbers to the same width.

wc --files0-from=FILE no longer reads all of FILE into RAM, before
processing the first file name, unless the list of names is known
to be small enough.

** Changes in behavior

cp and mv: the --reply={yes,no,query} option has been removed.
Using it has elicited a warning for the last three years.

dd: user specified offsets that are too big are handled better.
Previously, erroneous parameters to skip and seek could result
in redundant reading of the file with no warnings or errors.

du: -H (initially equivalent to --si) is now equivalent to
--dereference-args, and thus works as POSIX requires

shred: now does 3 overwrite passes by default rather than 25.

ls -l now marks SELinux-only files with the less obtrusive '.',
rather than '+'. A file with any other combination of MAC and ACL
is still marked with a '+'.



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Пока в SVN'е не появятся новые патчи, не буду ставить..

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в sid уже как неделю

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