Вышел SBCL 1.3.15.




Сабж. Изменения:

changes in sbcl-1.3.15 relative to sbcl-1.3.14:
  * minor incompatible change: the reader will when feasible create
    new symbols using a BASE-STRING for the print name.  Additionally,
    string literals can favor the base-string type if desired, though
    the default is to always return UTF-32 strings for compatibility.
    A preference for base-string does not disable reading Unicode.
    The choice is controlled via (SETF READTABLE-BASE-CHAR-PREFERENCE).
    If Unicode was disabled at build time, this setting does nothing.
  * enhancement: SBCL generates more debug information by default.
  * enhancement: type errors provide context information, such as which
    variable is being bound, which slot of which structure is being set.
  * enhancement: if #+immobile-symbols is in build-time *FEATURES* (not
    enabled by default), then symbols will never be moved in memory
    except by SAVE-LISP-AND-DIE. Immobility has helpful implications for
    code generation as well as interaction with foreign routines.
    This feature can only be enabled if #+immobile-space is enabled.
  * enhancement: undefined function errors can be restarted on x86-64, to
    either retry calling the function again or call a user supplied function.
  * enhancement: sb-ext:restrict-compiler-policy accepts an upper bound in
    addition to a lower bound.
  * enhancement: #+immobile-code improves the speed of function calling.
    Some delay may be noticed when redefining an existing function
    from a saved core file however.
  * defaults change: sb-ext:*disassemble-annotate* default to NIL, due to its
    poor reliability.
  * new feature: SB-LINKABLE-RUNTIME, allowing linking with extra object
    files to help with delivery of executables.  (Thanks to Fran[LATIN SMALL LETTER C WITH CEDILLA]ois-Ren[LATIN SMALL LETTER E WITH ACUTE]
  * bug fix: data race in GENTEMP fixed - it can no longer return the
    same interned symbol to multiple threads if called concurrently
  * bug fix: interrupting LOADing of FASLs does not leave functions without
    source locations. (lp#540276)
  * bug fix: DYNAMIC-EXTENT-declared results of NOTINLINE local functions were
    treated as if they were actually stack allocated (lp#1659964)
  * bug fix: correctly handle the case of a non-local exit within a function
    terminating the extent of dynamic-extent, dynamic-bound variables in the
    presence of multiple-values (lp#1655011)
  * bug fix: handling of SB-SYS:WITH-PINNED-OBJECTS in the interpreters (both
    sb-eval and sb-fasteval) now actually pins objects on gencgc.
  * bug fix: AVX registers are preserved during exceptions on x86-64 macOS.
  * bug fix: (directory "SOMETHING/*/**/MORE") is no longer equivalent to
    (directory "SOMETHING/**/MORE")
  * bug fix: better console IO on Windows (lp#1660906)


О, спасибо. На рулоне распечатаю.

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