Bind 9.0.0b2



The Berkeley Internet Name Domain (BIND) implements an Internet name server for Unix operating systems. The BIND consists of a server (or `daemon') called `named' and a resolver library. A name server is a network service that enables clients to name resources or objects and share this information with other objects in the network. Changes: Many more config file options implemented (see doc/misc/options for a summary of the current implementation status), portability improvements, (works much better than beta 1 on FreeBSD 3.4), and bugfixes (almost all bugs reported against beta 1 have been fixed).

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LINUX.ORG.RU РУССКАЯ ИНФОРМАЦИЯ в первую очередь. Неужели так сложно перевести пару строк на язык предков, а не cup/paste'ить чужое?

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Re: Bind 9.0.0b2

Кто нить пробовал в нем зоны подписывать?
Это полностью уже работает или как?

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