OpenVpn на VPS не отвечает пока не пингануть по ssh




В общем поднял openvpn на дешевеньком VPS. И столкнулся с проблемой: Если долго не подключаться клиентом, при попытке соединения сервер не отвечает, до тех пор пока не попытаюсь законнектится на него по ssh. Т.е клиент висит в wait и отваливается по таймауту, - но как только делаю коннект по ssh (даже не ввожу пароль) клиент сразу же успешно соединяется. В чем может быть проблема? P.S. Я в линуксе профан думаю имеет место не понимание каких то базовых вещей

port 1194
proto udp
dev tun
ca ca.crt
cert server.crt
key server.key  # This file should be kept secret
dh dh1024.pem
ifconfig-pool-persist ipp.txt
keepalive 5 15
status openvpn-status.log
log         openvpn.log
log-append  openvpn.log
verb 3
push "redirect-gateway def1"
push "dhcp-option DNS"
# Specify that we are a client and that we
# will be pulling certain config file directives
# from the server.

# Use the same setting as you are using on
# the server.
# On most systems, the VPN will not function
# unless you partially or fully disable
# the firewall for the TUN/TAP interface.
;dev tap
dev tun

# Windows needs the TAP-Win32 adapter name
# from the Network Connections panel
# if you have more than one.  On XP SP2,
# you may need to disable the firewall
# for the TAP adapter.
;dev-node MyTap

# Are we connecting to a TCP or
# UDP server?  Use the same setting as
# on the server.
proto udp
;proto tcp

# The hostname/IP and port of the server.
# You can have multiple remote entries
# to load balance between the servers.
remote xx.xx.xx.xx 1194
;remote my-server-2 1194

# Choose a random host from the remote
# list for load-balancing.  Otherwise
# try hosts in the order specified.

# Keep trying indefinitely to resolve the
# host name of the OpenVPN server.  Very useful
# on machines which are not permanently connected
# to the internet such as laptops.
resolv-retry infinite

# Most clients don't need to bind to
# a specific local port number.

# Downgrade privileges after initialization (non-Windows only)
;user nobody
;group nobody

# Try to preserve some state across restarts.

# If you are connecting through an
# HTTP proxy to reach the actual OpenVPN
# server, put the proxy server/IP and
# port number here.  See the man page
# if your proxy server requires
# authentication.
;http-proxy-retry # retry on connection failures
;http-proxy [proxy server] [proxy port #]

# Wireless networks often produce a lot
# of duplicate packets.  Set this flag
# to silence duplicate packet warnings.

# SSL/TLS parms.
# See the server config file for more
# description.  It's best to use
# a separate .crt/.key file pair
# for each client.  A single ca
# file can be used for all clients.
ca ca.crt
cert client.crt
key client.key

# Verify server certificate by checking that the
# certicate has the correct key usage set.
# This is an important precaution to protect against
# a potential attack discussed here:
# To use this feature, you will need to generate
# your server certificates with the keyUsage set to
#   digitalSignature, keyEncipherment
# and the extendedKeyUsage to
#   serverAuth
# EasyRSA can do this for you.
remote-cert-tls server

# If a tls-auth key is used on the server
# then every client must also have the key.
#tls-auth ta.key 0

# Select a cryptographic cipher.
# If the cipher option is used on the server
# then you must also specify it here.
# Note that v2.4 client/server will automatically
# negotiate AES-256-GCM in TLS mode.
# See also the ncp-cipher option in the manpage
cipher BF-CBC

# Enable compression on the VPN link.
# Don't enable this unless it is also
# enabled in the server config file.

# Set log file verbosity.
verb 3

# Silence repeating messages
;mute 20

В iptables кроме запрета icmp ничего нет:
 iptables -L -v -n
Chain INPUT (policy ACCEPT 2307K packets, 257M bytes)
 pkts bytes target     prot opt in     out     source               destination
37141 1190K DROP       icmp --  *      *              icmptype 8
    0     0 DROP       icmp --  eth0   *              icmptype 8

upd: ОС: Debian GNU/Linux 9.6

Последнее исправление: grelik (всего исправлений: 1)

Пальцем в небо. Напоминает слип. При получении tcp пакета мы просыпаемся. А при udp нет.

anc ★★★★★
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