Установка horde. DB access is not configured. Как его правильно сконфигурить?




Понимаю, что где-то сам дико туплю, но уже замучился пробовать на разных машинах и получать стабильно один и тот же результат.

Предварительно в апаче создаю сайтик в папочке, который указываю в процессе для устновке хорды:

Ставлю horde так:

pear upgrade PEAR pear channel-discover pear install horde/horde_role pear run-scripts horde/horde_role pear install -a -B horde/horde chown -R www-data:www-data horde cd horde cd config cp conf.php.dist conf.php vi conf.php

далее разрешаю в конфиге запусать тест, запускаю тест, результат вроде нормальный:

 Horde Version

Horde Applications

Agora [Forums]: unknown
Ansel [Photos]: unknown
Chora [Version Control]: unknown
Content: unknown
Gollem [File Manager]: unknown
Hermes [Time Tracking]: unknown
Imp [Mail]: unknown
Ingo [Filters]: unknown
Jonah [News]: unknown
Klutz [Comics]: unknown
Kolab [Kolab]: unknown
Kronolith [Calendar]: unknown
Luxor [X-Ref]: unknown
Mnemo [Notes]: unknown
Nag [Tasks]: unknown
Passwd [Password]: unknown
Sam [Spam]: unknown
Sesha [Inventory]: unknown
Timeobjects: unknown
Trean [Bookmarks]: unknown
Turba [Address Book]: unknown
Ulaform [Forms]: unknown
Vilma [Mail Admin]: unknown
Whups [Tickets]: unknown
Wicked [Wiki]: unknown
PHP Version

View phpinfo() screen
View loaded extensions
PHP Version: 5.5.1-2
PHP Major Version: 5.5
PHP Minor Version: 1
PHP Subminor Version: 2
PHP Version Classification: release
You are running a supported version of PHP.
PHP Module Capabilities

Ctype Support: Yes
DOM XML Support: Yes
MIME Magic Support (fileinfo): Yes
MIME Magic Support (fileinfo) - Configuration: Yes
FTP Support: Yes
GD Support: Yes
Gettext Support: Yes
GeoIP Support (PECL extension): Yes
Hash Support: Yes
LZ4 Compression Support (PECL extension): No
If the horde_lz4 PECL extension is available, Horde can perform real-time compression on cached data to optimize storage resources.
Iconv Support: Yes
GNU Iconv Support: Yes
Internationalization Support: No
Horde requires the intl extension to handle Internationalized Domain Names. Compile PHP with --enable-intl.
Imagick (PECL extension): No
Horde can make use of the Imagick library to manipulate images. It is highly recommended to use the PECL extension (although, alternatively, Horde can be configured to use the convert command line utility instead).
JSON Support: Yes
LDAP Support: No
LDAP support is only required if you want to use an LDAP server for anything like authentication, address books, or preference storage. Compile PHP with --with-ldap to activate the extension.
LZF Compression Support (PECL extension): No
If the lzf PECL extension is available, Horde can perform real-time compression on cached data to optimize storage resources. It is recommended to use horde_lz4 instead, as its compression speed is twice as fast as this extension.
Mbstring Support: Yes
memcached Support (memcache) (PECL extension): Yes
MongoDB support (PECL extension): No
If you want to use the MongoDB NoSQL database backend, you must install this extension.
MySQL Support: Yes
OpenSSL Support: Yes
PAM Support (PECL extension): No
The PAM PECL extension is required to allow PAM authentication to be used.
PDO: Yes
PostgreSQL Support: Yes
Session Support: Yes
SimpleXML support: Yes
Tidy support: No
The tidy PHP extension is used to sanitize HTML data. Compile PHP with --with-tidy to activate the extension.
XML Parser support: Yes
Zlib Support: Yes
Miscellaneous PHP Settings

allow_url_include disabled: Yes
magic_quotes_runtime disabled: Yes
magic_quotes_sybase disabled: Yes
memory_limit value: 512M
register_globals disabled: Yes
safe_mode disabled: Yes
session.auto_start disabled: Yes
session.gc_divisor value: 1000
PHP automatically garbage collects old session information, as long as this setting (and session.gc_probability) are set to non-zero. It is recommended that this value be "10000" or higher (see docs/INSTALL).
session.gc_probability value: 0
PHP automatically garbage collects old session information, as long as this setting (and session.gc_divisor) are set to non-zero. It is recommended that this value be "1".
session.use_trans_sid disabled: Yes
tidy.clean_output disabled: Yes
zlib.output_compression disabled: Yes
Required Configuration Files

config/conf.php: Yes
PHP Sessions

Session counter: 2 [refresh the page to increment the counter]
To unregister the session: click here

PEAR Search Path (PHP's include_path):  /usr/local/www/horde/lib:/usr/local/www/horde/lib:.:/usr/share/php:/usr/share/pear
File_Fstab: Yes
Net_DNS2: Yes
Services_Weather: Yes
File Uploads

file_uploads enabled: Yes
upload_max_filesize: 2M
post_max_size: 8M
This value should be several times the expect largest upload size (notwithstanding any upload limits present in an application). Any upload that exceeds this size will cause any state information sent along with the uploaded data to be lost. This is a PHP limitation and can not be worked around.
Local File Permissions

Is /usr/local/www/horde/lib/../static writable by the web server user (www-data)? Yes

далее иду в конфиг, и вижу там такую картину:

Кнопка «Update All Configurations» не работает - пустой экран, никаких ошибок в эррор-логе апачевском. В сислоге во время этих экспериментов появляется вот что: HORDE: [horde] The database configuration is missing. [pid 7666 on line 152 of «/usr/share/php/Horde/Core/Factory/Db.php»]

Ну я, как бы, понимаю, что конфигурейшн миссинг, так как я не прописывал ни в мускул, ни в постгрес (что было бы предпочтительнее) никаких доступов и не создавал там никаких баз... но судя по мануалу там как бэ скриптик должен быть, который все это создает/запрашивает и т.п., а у себя я его в упор не нахожу... Да я бы и вручную готов базу запить с доступами - но понять бы хоть что там нужно и куда прописывать...

Чего я не так делаю?

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