calibre 1.0




calibre has reached 1.0, seven years after it was first released and a year since the last major release. Lots of new features have been added to calibre in the last year — a grid view of book covers, a new, faster database backend, the ability to convert Microsoft Word files, tools to make changes to ebooks without needing to do a full conversion, full support for font embedding and subsetting, and many more, described in detail below.

A grid view of book covers
A new, faster database backend
Virtual Libraries
Conversion of Microsoft Word documents
New metadata download sources
Full support for font embedding
An easy to use tool to edit the Table of Contents in ebooks
Rewritten PDF Output engine
New tool: «Polish books» that allows you to perform various automated cleanup actions on ebooks


Оно, конечно, хорошо, но выглядит ужасно и написано на Python.

Darth_Revan ★★★★★ ()
13 октября 2013 г.


А можно например у себя на впс поднять его, что бы потом установить calibre на локальной тачке и конектиться за книжками к своей впс?

windofchange ()
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