Tentakel is a program for executing the same command on many hosts in parallel using ssh.

Tentakel has the following features:

* Parallel execution of commands on several hosts.

* Format strings that control how the output of the remote commands is about to be displayed and how the output of different hosts should be separated from each other.

* A powerful configuration file that can be used to define groups of hosts. Such groups can contain other groups. Each group can be assigned a remote method, a username and a format string.

* Easy extensibility to allow for different remote methods (currently only ssh and rsh are supported).


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БоянЪ. Откуда по вашему пошли тузегнайтсы?

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[OFFTOPIC] Вопрос не в тему, а как запускать команды ssh что бы он пароль не спрашивал?

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clusterssh давно все это умеет

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