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hello, this is Nicola Battista of Kutmusic, an Italian company dealing mostly in electronic and dance music (plus some material in other styles) and also in music publishing. In the past one of my releases (Paco Dj "...Any Doubt Funk") was briefly spotted on a Russian site (, I think). I know also of other independent artists (US artists The Bran Flakes, for example) that are on Russian sites without them even knowing that. In the past I have tried to contact ROMS and FAIR without success. I understand the Russian legal system is different from other countries, but what I mean is: the sites are doing nothing to help us collect any eventual royalties. Just pointing to a link is nothing: where are forms to join these supposed societies called ROMS and FAIR? How do they pay us? And would artists trust giving them bank data or home/business addresses to get paid, if they keep behaving like they are just part of a large scam conducted thanks to a loophole in the Copyright Law of the Russian Federation? Today an Italian independent artist left me a message on my blog stating he also appeared on a Russian site and he has no idea about how is stuff ended there. I would like to know if anyone at has any serious idea about how to solve this problem...

thanks, Nicola Battista


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> How do they pay us?

Nobody knows. IMNAL, but I from what I've heard this mechanism isn't properly documented by law, so, this is probably a loophole (but I can't say that for sure). The only thing I can suggest is to keep trying to contact ROMS and ask them about this.

(Obligatory addition as we're on a site related to a Free Software/Open Source) Or embrace the open content distribution model if you can. Creative Commons, you know.

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> Интересно кто этого бедолагу в наш бедлам отправил... еще и в такой раздел...

Цыц! Кто-то - хороший человек не забывает братьев-троллей в беде, еду подвозит, а ты еще жалуешься...

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I'm not sure if you're serious, but anyway, you've tried the wrong place. It's so full of stupid people who haven't even managed to learn English (well, they are not good in Russian either), that there's almost no room for those who can read your message but don't care of laws at all, especially of copyright-protecting ones. Then there is virtually nonexistent group of people who are smart enough to understand what you want and think you're right, but they don't now anything about organizations you've mentioned (me being one of them).

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I don’t think you will found any serious lawyers on this site. After all, this is a question of law. You should find a person know how to deal with such things and pay him to protect your rights.

Second, i don’t believe you will catch any success. Not that country, not that time. Best you can — wait for something about fifty years and look at this issue again.

Third, why the hell you ask this question on :-)

P.S. I ever don’t ask you what abbreviations “ROMS” and “FAIR” standing for. I's just have no meaning for your question.

ЗЫ: это кто-то отжигать пытается?

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