A problem with MySQL



Hello! I really hope that You will carefully consider this situation: Being a customer of a hosting service - it's addres is -for only 4 monthes and also being a newcomer in the internet, I decided to create a MySQL-database-supported site about the city I live in(St.Petersburg,Russia) -- At the beginning I realized that there are going to be many informative points about each object- whether it is a street,house,an enterprise or an item- so there was a question about how to place this information - in a form of a table for each property for each object or just as ,say,a string in a main table for each object. I have asked my hosting-support-service many times, but got no reply. I also have asked some acquintances of mine,whom I considered to be specialists- they said that I may have as many tables in my database as the memory I paid for allows. And also I have read some books about MySQL. So I accepted the 'table-consuming' way for the reason of speed. That means , that every object,there are hundreds and going to be thousands,has some 5 - 10 tables for every property it has got - a link's list, a subobject's list ,etc. But today I got a letter from my hosting administrator saying (in a rude way - but it is another matter) that I am kind of disturbing the whole server's work because of the amount of tables in my database.And he also threatened to switch off my site.But it's not him that bothers me - I can remove my domain. It is the question of HOW MANY TABLES I CAN HAVE IN MY DATABASE

If I am right ( meaning this number is endless) - so I would nail this son of a gun.. In case I am not - it means that I will have to change the whole architecture of my database.So I would do - but the question remains: Why did I not find anything about it in the precious books. Or am I wrong? A there any official links that could say anything about it?

Please answer a.s.a.p. - it is urgent to me. Sincerely Yours Lisitsin P.S. A war is nothing - a manoeuvre is everithing (AN OLD RUSSIAN PROVERB)


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