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NVIDIA driver 418.30 beta

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Release highlights since 415.27:

* Added initial support for G-SYNC Compatible monitors. See the README
for details.

* Added support for the following GPUs:
* GeForce RTX 2070 with Max-Q Design
* GeForce RTX 2080 with Max-Q Design

* Added support for stereo presentation in Vulkan.

* Fixed a bug that could cause OpenGL applications to crash after
repeated VT-switches.

* Fixed a bug that could sometimes prevent PRIME displays from being
selected in the display settings page of nvidia-settings.

* NVIDIA Video Codec SDK 9.0

A new release of the Video Codec SDK will be available in Q1 2019.
For more information and early access sign-up, refer to

The main features available in this release are listed below:
o Support for Turing NVENC/NVDEC.
o The NVDECODE API (also known as the NVCUVID API) has been updated to
support YUV 4:4:4 decoding for HEVC on Turing GPUs.
o NvEncodeAPI has been updated to support HEVC B-frames on Turing GPUs.
o NvEncodeAPI adds the capability to output the encoded bitstream, and
motion vectors from motion estimation-only mode, to video memory.
This avoids the overhead of copying the output from system to video
memory for processing pipelines operating directly on video memory.
o NvEncodeAPI now accepts CUarrays as input buffers. The SDK contains
a sample application to demonstrate how to feed a Vulkan image to
NVENC using the Vulkan-CUDA interop.

* Added NVIDIA optical flow support.

A new library is included in the driver package.
The NVIDIA optical flow library can be used for hardware-accelerated
computation of optical flow vectors and stereo disparity values.
The API header files, sample applications and documentation will be
available in a separate Optical Flow SDK package in Q1 2019.

For more information and early access sign-up, refer to

* Removed from the driver package. This module was only
used on X servers that did not provide their own implementation of
libwfb, and all X.Org xserver versions now supported by the driver do

* Updated the VDPAU driver to reject decoding to YUV 4:2:2 video
surfaces. The NVIDIA VDPAU driver always produces YUV 4:2:0
content. Previously, the VDPAU driver implicitly converted a YUV
4:2:2 video surface to YUV 4:2:0 during decode. Now, the VDPAU
driver will fail the decode request.

* Optimized nvidia-installer to only run depmod(1) once when installing,
rather than twice (once during the uninstall phase and again when
installing new kernel modules).

* Removed the NVreg_UseThreadedInterrupts kernel module parameter from
nvidia.ko. This removes the ability to forcibly fall back to an older
mechanism (tasklets) for running the bottom-half interrupt handler.
Instead, threaded IRQs (the default since 367.44) are always used.

* Added support for the following GPU:
* Tesla V100-SXM3-32GB-H

* Fixed a bug where destroying a direct-to-display swapchain could
crash Vulkan applications.

* Fixed a bug that prevented Vulkan applications from using the
VK_EXT_display_control extension on a display that is driven by X.

* Improved to grab the output of the `vulkaninfo`
command when it is available.

* Fixed build failures which resulted in errors like "implicit declaration
of function drm_...", when building the NVIDIA DRM kernel module for Linux
kernel 5.0 release candidates.

* Fixed a bug that could prevent nvidia-xconfig from disabling the X
Composite extension on version 1.20 of the X server.

* Fixed a build failure, "too many arguments to function 'get_user_pages'",
when building the NVIDIA kernel module for Linux kernel v4.4.168.

* Fixed a build failure, "implicit declaration of function do_gettimeofday",
when building the NVIDIA kernel module for Linux kernel 5.0 release

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Почему не нужно? Очень даже нужно. Скоро нвидиевские драйверы будут основным выбором для работы с вяленым. В итоге сдохнет и вяленый, и невидия.

Quasar ★★★★★

вот бы еще баг в вулкане пофиксили, изза которого в нового вульфа не поиграть на свежих дровах. для оффтопика фикс всетаки выкатили спустя пару месяцев, а нам все никак((

genryRar ★★

баба Нюра в Вулкане не сильна, она че спрашивает:

глюки с плазмой пофиксили?

периодические фризы?

производительность до уровня виндового драйвера подняли?

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когда окно целиком или какие-то элементы (например, подписи под иконками или столбцы в виджетах-индикаторах с загрузкой памяти) не в фокусе становятся целиком белыми, если перетащить или сделать ресайз - отрисуется нормально

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Как раз с вяленым у них всё плохо. Nvidia не поддерживает GBM, и предлагает вместо него свой апи EGLStreams, который больше никто не реализовывает, и который не поддерживается большинством существующих композиторов.

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