У меня вопрос не по теме малость. В Слаке есть реалтайм ядро? Как в дебиане kernel-rt. Нужно оно для того, чтобы попробовать собрать софтину для ЧПУ фрезера LinuxCNC, которая прибита именно к rt.

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Именно -rt уже собранным пакетом, похоже, нету. Однако,

Most people casually express a desire for a “realtime” kernel when they actually mean a low latency kernel, but sometimes realtime is actually necessary. For instance, multiple tracks with multiple overdub takes might require realtime response in order for the musician to keep tempo. If you find that low latency is not sufficient, you can build your own kernel with true realtime capabilities.

To build a realtime kernel, download two things;

The kernel source code
Realtime patches for the source code

При этом на есть ещё rtirq:

rtirq (set priorities on kernel IRQ threads)

The rtirq script is a bash script written by Rui Nuno Capela which works in conjunction with the IRQ threading facility of the Linux kernel. The script takes advantage of the fact that the kernel can use threads for IRQs management, and as such these threads (like any other thread running on your system) can be given maximum priority in an effort to minimize the latency of audio peripherals.

Modern kernels (3.0 and newer) incorporate IRQ threads, so there's no need for a patched kernel on Slackware 14.0 or newer. Older systems would need the realtime kernel patch.

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Держи нас и дальше в курсе!

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под слаку собирается любое ванильное ядро, бери проект Xenomai, исходники ядра и клади на него ipipe-patch или adeos, вот тебе и будет суровый RT.

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