Xerox Alto (N+1)... Умер разработчик оригинального Alto.






Chuck was Alto's main hardware architect. Two of the great minds behind the Xerox Alto just passed away. The following email was forwarded to us on 6/14/2017: «Roy, Alan [Kay], Butler [Lampson] & Kurt [Taylor], I'm sorry to tell you that my father Chuck Thacker passed away in the early hours of this morning, after a short battle with cancer. He died peacefully and without pain at home with his wife of 52 years, Karen, and daughters Kathy and myself all with him. He was incredibly brave and stoic, as I'm sure you can imagine, and refused all invasive medical treatment following his diagnosis in March. As per his wishes, there will be no memorial or service. Kurt, when we heard that Bob [Taylor] was gone my father was so sad, and I was also so sorry to hear the news. Working with Bob and all of you was a source of incredible joy, excitement, and fulfillment for him -the great animating thread that wound through his life. We are sad he is gone, but his life was such an epic adventure that mainly we're all just glad we got to be a part of it. Please feel free to distribute this news widely. Christine Thacker»

Но их разработка живёт и качает байты через Ethernet.
На сцене всё тот же CuriousMarc && его винтажный калькулятор HP.


Очень креативное было время PARC, в оболочке Alto до сих пор можно черпать вдохновение.

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