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Сабж. Changelog:

2016-12-06  Jim Meyering  <>

        version 2.27
        * NEWS: Record release date.

2016-11-29  Jim Meyering  <>

        grep: fix DFA-induced infloop
        * gnulib: Update to latest, for the DFA infloop fix.
        * tests/dfa-infloop: New test, to trigger an infinite loop
        in the DFA matcher.
        * tests/ (TESTS): Add it.

2016-11-28  Jim Meyering  <>

        tests: use "returns_ N env VAR=val ..."
        rather than "VAR=val returns_ N ..."
        Some shells do not propagate envvar settings through our use
        of the "returns_" function, so set any envvar via use of "env".
        This was an issue at least on Ubuntu and Debian-based systems,
        presumably due to their common use of "dash" as /bin/sh.
        Reported by Assaf Gordon.
        * tests/char-class-multibyte: As above.
        * tests/euc-mb: Likewise.
        * tests/false-match-mb-non-utf8: Likewise.
        * tests/pcre-infloop: Likewise.
        * tests/pcre-jitstack: Likewise.
        * tests/sjis-mb: Likewise.
        * tests/warn-char-classes: Likewise.

2016-11-28  Paul Eggert  <>

        tests: revert check for unibyte French range bug
        The test wasn't portable, as it assumed that rational ranges
        were not in effect.  Problem reported by Eric Blake (Bug#25048#8).
        There doesn't seem to be a portable way to do the test, so omit it.
        * tests/init.cfg, tests/unibyte-bracket-expr:
        Revert previous change.

        build: update gnulib submodule to latest

2016-11-27  Jim Meyering  <>

        grep: avoid false matches in non-UTF8 multibyte locales
        * gnulib: Update to latest, for the dfa.c fix.
        * NEWS (Bug fixes): Mention it.
        * tests/false-match-mb-non-utf8: New file, with tests for this.
        Based on tests from Stephane Chazelas.
        * tests/ (TESTS): Add it.
        Introduced by commit v2.18-54-g3ef4c8e, a change that made grep use
        its DFA matcher more aggressively.  The malfunction arises only with
        the DFA matcher, not with regex.
        Reported by Stephane Chazelas in

2016-11-20  Paul Eggert  <>

        tests: check for unibyte French range bug
        Problem reported by Stephane Chazelas (Bug#24973).
        This bug was fixed in Gnulib.
        * NEWS: Document the fix.
        * tests/init.cfg (require_ru_RU_koi8_r): Remove.
        * tests/unibyte-bracket-expr: Add a test for the bug.
        Call get-mb-cur-max directly instead of bothering with

        build: update gnulib submodule to latest

2016-11-19  Paul Eggert  <>

        grep: further -P performance fix
        Problem reported by Stephane Chazelas in:
        * src/pcresearch.c (Pexecute): Set the subject to the start of
        each line as it is found.

        grep: -P no longer uses PCRE_MULTILINE
        This reverts commit f6603c4e1e04dbb87a7232c4b44acc6afdf65fef,
        as the extra performance is not worth the trouble for PCRE users.
        Problem reported by Stephane Chazelas in:
        * NEWS: Document this and the next patch.
        * src/dfasearch.c (EGexecute):
        * src/grep.c (execute_fp_t):
        * src/kwsearch.c (Fexecute):
        * src/pcresearch.c (Pexecute):
        First arg is now a const pointer again.
        * src/grep.c (buf_has_encoding_errors): Now static.
        * src/grep.h (buf_has_encoding_errors): Remove decl.
        * src/search.h: Adjust decls.
        * src/pcresearch.c (reflags): Remove.  All uses removed.
        (Pcompile, Pexecute): Do not use PCRE_MULTILINE.

2016-11-19  Jim Meyering  <>

        doc: fix a doubled "the"
        * doc/grep.texi (--perl-regexp): s/the\nthe/the/

2016-11-19  Paul Eggert  <>

        grep: fix -zxP bug
        * NEWS: Document this.
        * src/pcresearch.c (Pcompile): Search a line at a time if -x is
        used, since -x uses ^ and $.
        * tests/pcre: Test this.

        grep: simplify by using PRIuMAX
        * (HAVE_PRINTF_C99_SIZES): Remove; no longer needed.
        * src/grep.c (print_offset): Simplify (Bug#24451).

        grep: -T now adjusts number widths for worst case
        * NEWS, doc/grep.texi (Output Line Prefix Control):
        Document this (Bug#24451).
        * src/grep.c (offset_width): New static var.
        (print_offset): Use it instead of arg.  All callers changed.
        (grep): Set it.
        * tests/initial-tab: Test this.

        grep: -T no longer outputs BS
        * NEWS: Document this (Bug#24451).
        * src/grep.c (print_line_head): Do not attempt to backspace output.
        * tests/initial-tab: New test.
        * tests/ (TESTS): Add it.

        grep: document -oz better
        * doc/grep.texi (General Output Control, Usage): Tweak (Bug#24961).

        grep: fix performance typo with -P
        Reported by Zev Weiss in:
        * src/pcresearch.c (Pcompile): Initialize reflags.

        tests: use "returns_" rather than "$?"
        * tests/grep-dev-null-out: Use "returns_ 124" rather than testing
        $? = 124.

        grep -f /dev/null -L PAT FILE outputs FILE
        * NEWS: Document this.
        * src/grep.c (main): Do not exit right away with -L.
        * tests/skip-read: Test for the fix.

        grep: tune -f /dev/null
        * src/grep.c (main): Do the -f /dev/null early-exit checks before
        more-expensive tests that involve syscalls.

        grep: treat -f /dev/null like -m0
        * NEWS: Document this.
        * src/grep.c (main): With -f /dev/null, don't bother to read the
        input.  This is what FreeBSD grep does.
        * tests/ (TESTS): Add skip-read.
        * tests/skip-read: New file.

        grep: avoid O(N**2) buffer reallocation
        * src/grep.c (main): Use x2realloc to avoid O(N**2) performance as
        pattern buffers grow.

        grep: avoid unnecessary gettext call
        Translate "(standard input)" lazily.
        * src/grep.c (input_filename): New function.
        (suppressible_error): Remove 1st arg, since it is always
        input_filename ().  All callers changed.
        (suppressible_error, print_filename, grep, grepdesc): Use it.
        (grep_command_line_arg): Set filename to NULL if standard
        input has no label.  Often, this avoids all calls to gettext,
        which can be a win as the first call can be expensive.

        grep: drain the input pipe faster
        * src/grep.c (dev_null_output): Now static.
        (drain_input): New function, using 'splice' if that makes sense.
        (finalize_input): Use it.
        (main): Omit now-unnecessary initialization.

        grep: scale back /dev/null speedup
        The performance improvement when output is /dev/null (commit
        af6af288eac28951b5eee1eaaf373e22b2193b7b dated 2016-05-01)
        breaks scripts that run "PROGRAM | grep PATTERN >/dev/null"
        where PROGRAM dies when writing into a broken pipe.
        Suppress the improvement if standard input is not seekable.
        Problem reported by Gary Johnson (Bug#24941).
        * NEWS: Document this.
        * src/grep.c (seek_failed): New static var.
        (seek_data_failed): Move decl earlier, to be next to seek_failed.
        (file_must_have_nulls): Skip useless syscalls if seek_failed.
        Lessen source-code nesting.
        (reset): Set seek_failed and seek_data_failed.
        Try lseek even on non-regular files.
        (grep): New arg INEOF.  All callers changed.
        Do not clear seek_data_failed here, since 'reset' now does this.
        (finalize_input): New static function.
        (grepdesc): Use it.
        (main): Do not exit on first match merely because output is
        * tests/grep-dev-null-out: Adjust to new behavior.

        grep: improve diagnostic on lseek failure
        * src/grep.c (reset): Mention the file name in the (unlikely)
        chance of an lseek failure.

        grep: avoid unnecessary isatty calls
        This fixes an inefficiency that was mistakenly introduced a while
        back, when the macro SET_BINARY became defined on all platforms.
        * src/grep.c (grepdesc, main): Do not unecessarily call isatty on
        POSIXish platforms.

        grep: -Pz no longer rejects ^, $
        Problem reported by Stephane Chazelas (Bug#22655).
        * NEWS: Document this.
        * doc/grep.texi (grep Programs): Warn about -Pz.
        * src/pcresearch.c (reflags): New static var.
        (multibyte_locale): Remove static var; now local to Pcompile.
        (Pcompile): Check for (? and (* too.  Set reflags instead of
        dying when problematic operators are found.
        (Pexecute): Use reflags to decide whether searches should
        be multiline.
        * tests/pcre: Test new behavior.

2016-11-14  Jim Meyering  <>

        tests: use "returns_" rather than explicit comparison with "$?"
        * tests/sjis-mb (encode): Rearrange to emit desired input into
        a file, rather than piping directly into grep.  That permits
        the use of returns_ 1 to verify timeout's exit status.
        * tests/euc-mb: Use "returns_ 1" rather than testing $? = 1
        * tests/char-class-multibyte: Likewise.
        * tests/dfa-heap-overrun: Likewise.
        * tests/encoding-error: Likewise.
        * tests/fedora: Likewise.
        * tests/grep-dev-null: Likewise.
        * tests/init.cfg (envvar_check_fail): Likewise.
        * tests/kwset-abuse: Likewise.
        * tests/mb-non-UTF8-overrun: Likewise.
        * tests/multibyte-white-space: Likewise.
        * tests/pcre-infloop: Likewise.
        * tests/surrogate-pair: Likewise.
        * tests/warn-char-classes: Likewise.
        Do the same for other values:
        * tests/backref-multibyte-slow: Likewise.
        * tests/euc-mb: Likewise.
        * tests/pcre-abort: Likewise.
        * tests/pcre-jitstack: Likewise.
        * tests/repetition-overflow: Likewise.
        * tests/reversed-range-endpoints: Likewise.
        * tests/warn-char-classes: Likewise.

2016-10-26  Jim Meyering  <>

        doc: grep builds on HP-UX once again
        * NEWS (Bug fixes): Mention the HP-UX fix.

        gnulib: update to latest, for getprogname HPUX port

2016-10-22  Mark Veltzer  <>

        ignore coverage generated files

        ignore ar-lib in build-aux

2016-10-20  Zev Weiss  <>

        grep: use 'j' intmax_t printf length modifier if supported
        * Use gl_PRINTF_SIZES_C99 to test printf and
        (conditionally) define HAVE_PRINTF_C99_SIZES.
        * src/grep.c (print_offset): Use printf("%j...") for printing
        [u]intmax_t if HAVE_PRINTF_C99_SIZES is defined; otherwise continue
        using the existing hand-rolled loop.

2016-10-15  Jim Meyering  <>

        build: distribute new file, die.h, so "make distcheck" passes
        * src/ (grep_SOURCES): Add die.h.
        Also, sort these file names.

2016-10-10  Paul Eggert  <>

        build: update gnulib submodule to latest

2016-10-09  Jim Meyering  <>

        maint: die.h: add the "#define ..." part of double inclusion guard
        * src/die.h (DIE_H): Define to 1.

2016-10-04  Paul Eggert  <>

        grep: don't assume stdbool.h before die call
        * src/die.h: Include stdbool.h, since 'die' uses 'false'

        grep: die more systematically
        * src/die.h: New file.
        * src/dfasearch.c, src/grep.c, src/pcresearch.c: Include die.h.
        * src/dfasearch.c (dfaerror):
        * src/grep.c (context_length_arg, add_count, prline, setmatcher, main):
        * src/pcresearch.c (jit_exec, Pcompile, Pexecute):
        Use 'die' instead of 'error' when exiting.
        * src/pcresearch.c: Do not include verify.h.
        (die): Remove; now in die.h.
        * src/search.h: Do not include error.h here, since this file does
        not use anything defined in error.h.  Instead, dfasearch.c, which
        uses error.h's symbols, now includes error.h directly.


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