RSBAC 1.2.1 Released



Rule Set Based Access Control (RSBAC) version 1.2.1 has been released. Full information and downloads are available from

This version comes with many smaller improvements against 1.2.0 and some new features, e.g.:

- New JAIL module, similar to the FreeBSD Jails functionality, but with extensions like individual IPC compartments. - Support for all architectures (not all of them tested, feedback is welcome).

PS: недавно еще openssh-3.5 новый вышел ...


Re: RSBAC 1.2.1 Released

>>PS: недавно еще openssh-3.5 новый вышел ...

Стоит уже с неделю-две..
В отличие от версии 3.4.1 - стал на RH-6.2 без проблем и всякого гемороя ;) Пытаюсь разобраться почему так.

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