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Добрый вечер.
Так как сносный муз. плеер мне найти не удалось, начал искать альтернативы.
Подскажите, есть комбайн, который умеет играть много форматов, музыки, видео, изображений? А также должна быть интеграция с метками ФС (xattr которые) и этот монстрик должен уметь качать/раздавать контент в p2p/dc/torrent.

пред. тред. чисто музыкальные просьба не советовать.
Замена amarok

Kawaii-Player is Audio/Video manager and mutlimedia player (based on mpv and mplayer) with PC-To-PC casting feature, along with functionalities of portable media server and torrent streaming server.

Features Index

Combine Audio-Video Player and Manager.

Bookmark and categorize series in the library (like Watching, Incomplete, Interesting etc..).

Audio-Video management functionalities using sqlite3.

Custom Addons Support for viewing content of various sites directly on the player.

Support for downloading fanart/posters and other information such as summary or biography from internet sites such as TVDB and

Thumbnail Grid Mode Support.

Internal web browser with custom right click menu for manually downloading desired fanart and poster for library collection.

System Tray Support (Current tray icon is temporary which may change in future).

MPRIS2 support and integration with sound menu applet.

Custom Playlist and queueing support.

Remembers most of the last settings, and can opens up directly last watched series in the library.

Special Minimal Mode Music Player for listening only music (Available in System Tray context menu).

History Manager for both addons and local content.

mplayer/mpv internal player.

Better buffer management for mplayer on low bandwidth network.

Support for opening video in external players like vlc, smplayer or kodi.

Torrent streaming player/server

Media Server Capability

Headless Media Server mode using Xvfb

Youtube wrapper using qtwebengine/qtwebkit

Detached Video (Picture in Picture) Mode

Universal Playlist Generation

Web Interface for accessing media server content

PC-To-PC Casting

Browser-To-PC Casting

Remote Control using web interface

Peer to Peer Mode

Available in three themes including dark and system theme (from v3.1 onwards).

Gapless Playback of Network Streams

Live Seekbar Preview
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