Кто нить ставил DB2 на RedHat9



Инетересует существуют ли опыты успешной установки. Офицально IBM не сертифицировало 9. У меня тоже не получилось установить. Говорят что это из за какой то системы управлениями потоками (тредами) которая в 9ке сильно отличается от других дистрибутивов. Возможно кто то сталкивался с чем то в таком роде

Red Hat Linux 9 includes the Native POSIX Thread Library (NPTL), a new implementation of POSIX threads for Linux. This library provides performance improvements and increased scalability for i686 or better processors.

This thread library is designed to be binary compatible with the old LinuxThreads implementation; however, applications that rely on the places where the LinuxThreads implementation deviates from the POSIX standard will need to be fixed. Notable differences include:

- Signal handling has changed from per-thread signal handling to POSIX process signal handling. - getpid() returns the same value in all threads. - Thread handlers registered with pthread_atfork are not run if vfork() is used - no manager thread

Applications that are known to have problems using NPTL include:

- Sun JRE prior to version 1.4.1 - IBM JRE

If an application does not work properly with NPTL, it can be run using the old LinuxThreads implementation by setting the following environment variable:


The following versions are available:

- 2.4.1 - Linuxthreads with floating stacks - 2.2.5 - Linuxthreads without floating stacks

NPTL support for all dynamically-linked applications can be disabled by using the following boot-time option:


Implication of this fact is that GUI install will fail with segmentation fault in Java JRE. Workaround is to use either silent install with response file (bypassing Java component) or character based install and manually creating instance(s). Implication of the LD_ASSUME_KERNEL=... workaround is that DB2 probably wouldn't work in SMP environment.

After installation with the above mentioned workarounds - all Java based tools (CC and it's relatives) - are disffunctional.

Before you bombard me with hate mail stating that it is not supported - please understand that I am just sending it as FYI - in case you will encounter adventurous customers.

Jan M. Nelken

Угу - у тебя при попытке запуска будет Segmentation Fault выпадать - такая фигня со многими прогами под РХ9 и Мандракой 9.1 есть - например, с эмуляторами. И все плюют в сторону POSIX Thread Library...

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