865PE chipset with SATA controller + SATA HDD = problem.



I have Mb on 865PE chipset with include ICH5/SATA chipset & SATA HDD Barracuda 160G. If I set remapping HDD for Primary/Secondary master or slave device in BIOS - that all ok. If I set SATA controller using SATA Port0 in BIOS - linux does not boot (Supp SCSI controllers enabled in kernel- I have cd-rw. I needed for this option). Alyone knows this problem? I recompiling linux kernel with supp ICH5/SATA - 2.6.2 kernel. If I use 2.4.22 or later kernel, and set supp Silicon Image SATA Controller support - hdd is using udma33 mode - that is not good. Help me please, what I did wrong ?

I have the same problem with Silicon image SATA. alredy try few distributions(S.U.S.E 9.1; RedHat 9.0; Slackware 9.1 , 9.0 , 8.1) it realy not work. just before few minutes read that... Mandrake 9.1 have stable driver included, I'll try it tonight ot tomorow. if you have more free time than Me, try it... and write here to can I know whats happend P.S: drivers from silicon image support site don't work

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