Job opportunity. Site Reliability Engineer - USA, San Francisco



The VEU Sourcing staffing company is now announcing about new opened position of Site Reliability Engineer. It is opening in San-Francisco, USA at large-scaled project in a field of data analysis. Relocation and paperwork assistance is supported by the Company.

The candidates should meet the following requirements:

- Solid C++ development for Linux is a must

- Practical knowledge of Unix system administration

- Solid hands-on experience in SQL/My SQL

- Knowledge of scripting languages (Shell, Perl, PHP)

- Cross-platform development is a plus

- Python/ Java development experience is a plus

- Fluent written and good verbal communications (English) is a must

The hired candidate will be responsible for:

- Co-working with team of developers for new features creation.

- System maintenance and support

- RDB administration

If you feel that you have the necessary qualification for the position above Please send your resume to Julia Saviuk at and we will keep you informed about next steps of selection process.

are you (or government structures, any of them) planning to involve your foreign employees into some spying-related activity? it's kinda complicated thing considering last scandal events

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Excuses, but I can't talk about salary at this stage of commuication, You can write me to aboout your expectations! Also we can talk about it in skype julia_saviyk!

julia123 ()
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but i have open B2 visa ;)

any way i not intresting in this occupation, sorry

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Сверкаем знаниями английского языка? Ну,Ну!)))

shelA ()

да не выеживайся ты. по-русски же разговариваешь

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> Exectly!!!)

Sorry! What does that word mean? I can not found it in dictionary.)))

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>> Предлагаю xintrea и vyldrodny. Парни хорошие, работящие.

Could you please tell me how can I find them to send private massage, cause I see it is impossible here ?

How do you do! My name is xintrea. London is a capital of Great Britain.

I think you are wrong using Linux. Linux is very very bad for your business. I will help you to install Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate on all yours computers. There are many funny wallpapers!!!

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