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when i change my old xfree86 4.2.0 on xorg 6.9 i have meet new trouble. sorry for my english, russkiy ya e6e ne sdelal :)

i'am using vesa framebuffer in 800x600x16 mode, not nvidiafb or rivafb, it is really vesafb... xorg is 6.9 version and NVIDIA display driver 8187 version

when i'am start xserver, and then switch to the console like Alt+Ctrl+F1 i'am see broken console with 1/3 of screen height font. i think it is happens because xserver don't restore video mode correctly and i don't know what to do

my system works fine with xfree 4.2.0, but i want to use xorg my system works fine with nv driver, but i want to use nvidia accelerated driver and last, i need a fine framebuffer in 800x600 mode, because i like it

nu voob6em 4et v etom rode, mojet kto mojet pomo4 ?


Maybe you have to update your nvidia driver. Anyway i've met theese problems while i was on suse 9.0, where only a switching to non-framebuffer console helped a lot. I dont know is it a latest version of your nvidia driver, but u may update it for sure.

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