Qt version 2.3.1 released!



(2001/06/15) - Trolltech ( сообщает о выпуске очередной (долгожданной ;) версии qt 2.3.1! Это один из лучших ОО toolkit'ов, для создания X приложений на языке С++.
Главные изменения:

-- Correctly reinitialize internal data structures on QApplication destruction to allow the sequential creation of multiple QApplication objects.
-- Some bugfixes for the new support for Xft (antialiased fonts on X11) - Correct clipping when drawing with Xft. Correctly handle family names starting with a number. Handle case when no Xft font could be loaded. Correctly report bounding rectangles of strings.
-- Printing on Windows Work around a bug in some HP printer drivers. Correctly map between Qt and Windows page sizes.
-- Improved build on HP/UX, AIX and SCO.

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