Вышел Lynx 2.8.8dev.3



Вышел Lynx 2.8.8dev.3.
* modify print_wwwfile_to_fd() to add field values to the printed form (Debian
#574940) -TD
* add check for magic (header bytes) before trying to decompress, since zlib
does not provide this check (Redhat #503921) -TD
* add workaround in CF_SSL configure macro for broken openssl pkg-config script
on Redhat, CentOS -TD
* add configure option --disable-rpath-hack -TD
* allow IPv6 addresses without «http://» prefix (Redhat #425879, patch by Kamil
* build-fixes for OpenSolaris aka Solaris 11 -TD
* add/use CF_RPATH_HACK, for constructing rpath references to libraries in
nonstandard locations -TD
* improve configure macros CF_CURSES_TERM_H and CF_FIND_LINKAGE -TD
* add synopsis entries for -get_data and -post_data options to
(report by Dallas E. Legan II) -TD
* fix a possible conflict between CF_HEADER_PATH and CF_LIBRARY_PATH by setting
their respective target variables, not appending -TD
* improve configure macro CF_XOPEN_SOURCE by removing rather than undefining
preexisting symbols as they are added to the definitions -TD
* add configure check for -lnetwork, from tin
* when renaming/copying a bookmark file, e.g., to delete a bookmark, modify
its permissions for compatibility with IsOurFile() (Redhat #486070) -TD
* fix most gcc writable-strings warnings -TD
* update config.guess (2009-12-30), config.sub (2009-12-31)



Зачем он, если есть links?

Yareg ★★★ ()

Зачем, когда есть elinks?

GotF ★★★★★ ()

теперь венде точно капец

madcore ★★★★★ ()

видимо, многим понравится Emacs/W3

octave ()

Зачем, если есть Microsoft Internet Explorer?

Cancellor ★★★★☆ ()

Lynx это в котором до сих пор нету торрентовой качалки и почтового клиента и HTML5? Не нужен.

px ★★★ ()
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