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One year ago, on February 24th, 2009, we opened the floodgates and let fans experience QUAKE LIVE. We'd like to invite you to take a look back at the first year of the game.

The number of people that registered when the QUAKE LIVE Beta opened far exceeded our wildest expectations. Over a quarter million players created accounts right after its launch and that was through word of mouth only! Since that time, players have spent over 8.9 million hours in over 60 million ranked matches, earning an impressive 8 million awards and 810 million frags.

Our title of 'Most Time Played' goes to Pudrick, who has spent nearly 56 days in-game on ranked servers since launch. Our two Dark Angels, Yakumo and Trajan, have been battling for the title of 'Most Frags', a title currently held by Yakumo, who has gained over 258,000 kills.

[QUAKE LIVE «Year One» Award] We know not everyone has the time to commit to scaling these heights of first-person mayhem, so we will be offering a special award to all players who complete one online match during our two week anniversary celebration that takes place February 23rd through March 9th.

In our effort to provide continued support for QUAKE LIVE we have made many changes and additions to the game over the course of the past year. Since launch we've introduced 'Duel Detective', coupled with improved matchmaking features that allows players to locate other players with similar skills. We have also extended our platform support to include Mac OS X and Linux users.

We've also launched pro Team DeathMatch and Instagib CTF servers, made extensive hit registration improvements and added Shoutcasting features and competition settings.

The introduction of these competition features has made QUAKE LIVE a rapidly growing presence in eSports online, and in LAN tournaments. For the first time, QuakeCon 2009 held separate professional and open divisions, and became home to the first-ever QUAKE LIVE Masters Championship and QUAKE LIVE Open Tournament.

Following the success of QuakeCon we partnered with the Electronic Sports League, which hosted tournaments across the globe in Cologne, Dubai, Edmonton, and Taipei. Twelve competitors qualified to continue on to the ESL Intel Extreme Masters World Championships to be held March 3rd-6th at the CeBIT convention in Hannover, Germany:

[Intel Extreme Masters World Championship competitors]

[US]rapha [US]chance [PL]av3k [RU]Cooller [IT]stermy [CH]Jibo [US]DaHanG [CA]griffin [BY]Cypher [FR]strenx [SW]fox [US]dkt

Over the past year, we've also added eight new maps to QUAKE LIVE, including some highly requested community maps, such as our Threewave CTF maps and Blood Run by ZTN. We understand that you can never have too many good maps! As we move forward, we hope to bring many new fighting arenas to QUAKE LIVE, including nostalgic works from the community as well as new arenas designed specifically for QUAKE LIVE.

[Fallout Bunker] We felt it only right to start the QUAKE LIVE New Year off with a new level. So, without further ado, we would like to invite you to have fun and celebrate on our first addition of Year Two — Fallout Bunker. Jump online, try out the new map and get your «Year One» award this week!

Thanks for making QUAKE LIVE such a success in its first year!

Один год - и всё ещё бета.

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несмотря на статус беты - работает замечательно

кстати, сколько лет gmail был бетой?

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>Over the past year, we've also added eight new maps to QUAKE LIVE

через лет эдак 100 они, я думаю, q3 таки догонят :)

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типа бинарные блобы, зашифрованные ресурсы, отсутствие пользовательских серверов + возможности сделать что-либо без удалённого логина - достойно повеселил, ваганыч :)

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(Проприетарная социальная хрень для детишек) на допотопном движке не нужна.

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