[Археология][Microsoft] Забота о Borland



Боян жуткий, терпите

//  CFileOpenBrowser::ResetDialogHeight
//  Hack for Borland JBuilder Professional (pah!)
//  These guys relied on a bug in Win95/NT4's Comdlg32 that we fixed in IE4.
//  So instead of reintroducing the bug, we detect that they are relying
//  on the bug and hack around their stupidity.
//  These guys do a SetWindowLong(GWL_STYLE) on the dialog box and
//  then reparent it!  Unfortunately, they didn't quite get their
//  bookkeeping right:  They forgot to do a RedrawWindow after removing
//  the WS_CAPTION style.  You see, just editing the style doesn't do
//  anything - the style changes don't take effect until the next
//  RedrawWindow.  When they scratched their heads ("Hey, why is
//  the caption still there?"), they decided to brute-force the
//  solution:  They slide the window so the caption goes "off the screen".
//  Problem:  We fixed a bug for IE4 where ResetDialogHeight would screw
//  up and not resize the dialog when it should've, if the app did a
//  SetWindowPos on the window to change its vertical position downward
//  by more than the amount we needed to grow.
//  So now when we resize it properly, this generates an internal
//  RedrawWindow, which means that Borland's brute-force hack tries
//  to fix a problem that no longer exists!
//  Therefore, ResetDialogHeight now checks if the app has
//      1. Changed the dialog window style,
//      2. Moved the dialog downward by more than we needed to grow,
//      3. Forgotten to call RedrawWindow.
//  If so, then we temporarily restore the original dialog window style,
//  do the (correct) resize, then restore the window style.  Reverting
//  the window style means that all the non-client stuff retains its old
//  (incorrect, but what the app is expecting) size.

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закапывай обратно

z0D5e8n7x_2 ()

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некроманты в чяти

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Только Microsoft мог сделать систему, в которой обновления *браузера* исправляют ошибки в стандартных гуёвых компонентах.

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