Реп про DRM от ZDNet



Это мнение Chunk D (основатель Public Enemy),39020330,39283440,00.htm

А это ZDNetовский реп :)

You bought your tracks on Napster? 
Here's a fact that'll catchya: 
they changed the code, 
made things old, 
left their old customers freezin' in the cold

Microsoft says it plays for sure, 
but the only thing for sure 
is yo' gonna pay more. 
When yo' buy your new Zune 
yo' gotta re-buy all yo' tunes, 
dance to the beat of the money-grabbing goons

They've seen ya comin', in thru the door, 
gotta pony up some more. 
Every year. Ya know the score. 
Singles, LPs, cassettes, CDs, 
you've bought it all times four, 
ain't nearly enough by the law that they enforce

ATRAC, AAC, WMA, with all that DRM 
they can play the trick again, 
it's yo' that they're managin' 
and yo' don't mean a thing

Each new toy is locked down tight, 
each make yo' pocket light, 
each burn away yo' rights. 
Wanna give yo' stuff away? 
It's infected with decay, 
it'll last for just three plays, 
be dead by Saturday

The only right yo' music has 
is to remain silent, 
try and change that and the lawyers become violent, 
don' matter what ya want, 
that's not in the equation, 
and the boys who make the rules ain't open to persuasion

Don't buy that bridge, 
don't play that game, 
don't give 'em nothing for nothing in exchange. 
Buy your music on CD, 
make your own MP3s, 
keep it open for all time. 
Fair use is not a crime. 

Re: Реп про DRM от ZDNet

> Реп про DRM от ZDNet

Ждем Борю Моисеева с анти-drm попом (в смысле поп-музыкой а не жопой)

iBliss ()
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Re: Реп про DRM от ZDNet

Боря временно не в теме, ему в башку ударила правильная жидкость и он женитьбой озаботился ;)

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Re: Реп про DRM от ZDNet

Как мне продвигали - на женщине. Удивительное рядом...

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