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Лично меня очень сильно расстроили новости про RMS vs SJW. В связи с известным событиями, я решил спросить евангелиста GNU Яна Вильдебоера (не все, но многие знают его) о том, куда деваться:

Hello Jan, sorry to bother you. In a sad day of loads of FUD around RMS and FSF, if you can share something with users? I really need some help to get over all that unfortunate things that are going on and I feel that I am only make more unproductive frustration for myself and other Linux and GNU users.

Ответ Яна поддержал меня:

I will not step into the cesspit of attacking or defending RMS. What I have to say is simple and universal.

Ideas are bigger than people. #FreeSoftware is a truly world changing idea IMHO. Free Software is bigger than any one person.

Do not reduce the idea to a person. People will fail. People will make mistakes. Ideas are bigger than people.

Let's continue to focus on making great Free Software available to the world. Let's not engage in flamewars, he said, she said fights that only take energy away from doing the thing we are really good at - making the world better by using and producing Free Software.

Спасибо за внимание.


Мне кажется, стоит эту тему закрепить и закрыть на комментирование вообще. И оставить только первое сообщение, остальные снести.

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