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It's always bothered me that a movie as good as The Departed has such a cheesy ending, and I recently realized it could be fixed by digitally erasing the rat from the last shot.

But digital effects are not cheap, which is why I'm here on Kickstarter trying to raise $4,000 dollars. $4,000 dollars may sound like a lot of money, so let me break down the costs for each of the nine steps in this process.

Step 1: I need $18.91 to buy a Blu-ray of The Departed. I could probably find it on BitTorrent, but I think it's important to support the filmmakers and studio, and not break the law.

Step 2: I need $141.54 to buy a Blu-ray player because these days I only stream movies online.

Step 3: I've never ripped a Blu-ray before, and a quick Google search led me to the website for Acrok Video Converter Ultimate, which costs $59 and apparently “tops the list of best Blu-ray ripper software 2019 for that it provides the most timely and comprehensive Blu-ray ripping solution to movie lovers.”

Step 4: I need $599 to hire Ed Mundy, a visual effects artist who has worked on many popular TV shows and movies, to digitally erase the rat from the final shot. I'm paying Ed $599 dollars, because if you pay someone $600 dollars or more, the IRS requires you to send them a 1099 MISC form at the end of the year, and that's too much work for me.

Step 5: Because my end goal is to make this rat-less version of The Departed the official version of the film, and because Scorsese shot The Departed on film, I need $414.59 to print the digital file onto 35mm film (Actually I need £318 because a British company was the only place that responded to my request).

Step 6: Since I have no way of viewing 35mm film, I need $169.92 to scan the film print and convert it to a digital file so I can view it myself.

Step 7: I need $57.69 to pay for a one month subscription to the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite. This will allow me to edit the digital scan of the 35mm film print of the rat-less digital file into the end of The Departed. Adobe does offer a free 7 day trial of their suite, but I've already used that to make this Kickstarter video.

Step 8: I need $38.31 to buy a 50-pack of blank Blu-ray discs, and $2.71 to buy a black Sharpie marker so that I can burn 50 Blu-ray copies of my improved version of The Departed and properly label them.

Step 9: I need $375 dollars to hire an intern to burn 50 Blu-ray copies of the definitive version of The Departed. Many companies don't pay their interns, which I've always thought was a shameful practice, so I'm committed to paying my intern $15/hr and figure it will take about 25 hours to complete the task.

Странно что еще и на комп не попоросил денег.


Welcome to the real world, где софт и время стоят больших денег.

Если опустить вопрос, почему бы не отсорснуть вообще все профессионалам, то я не вижу проблем в разбиении.

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but I think it’s important to support the filmmakers and studio, and not break the law.

burn 50 Blu-ray copies of the definitive version of The Departed


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Это мало. Надо ещё $100 000 авторам фильма на разрешение.

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Почему-то в списке похожих тем — «Алан Кокс ушел из Intel» и «Алан Кокс свалил из RedHat».

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Но ведь он скачает фильм с торрента и сам все сделает (если вообще будет что-то делать), а деньги все заберет себе.

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А куда затерялась «Разработчики Ядра остались без Кокса»?

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Задачка для корректоров: переименовать так две новости внизу про интел и шляпу.

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Продолжение истории:

Деньги собрали, художник заранее сделал работу до поступления денег, но Warner против, поэтому проект удалили.

По состоянию на июль на странице проекта написано:

Digitally Erase the Rat From the End of The Departed (Suspended) is the subject of an intellectual property dispute and is currently unavailable.

Насколько я знаю, Кикстартер может оставлять сообщение «идёт оспаривание» висеть и после того, как принято окончательное решение.

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