Voynich manuscript: the solution




By now, it was more or less clear what the Voynich manuscript is: a reference book of selected remedies lifted from the standard treatises of the medieval period, an instruction manual for the health and wellbeing of the more well to do women in society, which was quite possibly tailored to a single individual.
It became obvious that each character in the Voynich manuscript represented an abbreviated word and not a letter.
This was problematic until I realized that not only had the folios of the manuscript been cropped (the images of flowers and roots have been severed and the tops of folios hacked) but, more importantly, the indexes that should have been there were now absent.
Not only is the manuscript incomplete, but its folios are in the wrong order – and all for the want of an index.


Статья о криптографии в британском литературном журнале, ну круто. Самое место этому в лоровских талксах. Спасибо, что принес.

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Расшифровка есть?

Я таки не понял, расшифровка есть? Или это просто очередное предположение, коих и так уже вагон и тележка.

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Да там рецепты приготовления наркоманских веществ, поэтому все всё знают, тихо сидят и помалкивают в тряпочку. Опубликовать нельзя же ж.

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