There are many interesting GSoC projects this year and a lot of exciting ones from the Phoronix perspective. In going through the lengthy list of accepted projects, here are some that stuck out and will likely be covered in more detail over the summer on Phoronix:

- 3D hardware acceleration for Haiku OS via Mesa.

- An OpenMAX state tracker for Gallium3D making use of Tizonia rather than Bellagio.

- An instruction scheduler for the Nouveau driver.

- Multi-buffered Present support for XWayland.

- Working to improve Piper, an application front-end to libratbag/ratbagd for configuring gaming mice on Linux.

- A software renderer for Vulkan that supports graphics and compute shaders by going from SPIR-V to LLVM-IR.

- A 3D model repository for OpenStreetMap.

- A new ZFS boot environment management library and tool for FreeBSD.

- Python 3 support for Kodi add-ons.

- 3D video formats support for VideoLAN's libVLC.

- Anon-connection-wizard to make it easy to graphically configure Tor.

- VP9 decoder improvements for FFmpeg, including AVX2 usage.

- Adding missing 802.11n and 802.11ac features to FreeBSD.

- A Gentoo utility to work on kernel live-patching.

- Code search support in GNOME Builder.

- GNOME Mutter work to remove hard dependencies on X11/XWayland so a pure-Wayland without-any-X11-fallback-support can be setup for Mutter.

- Support for Go Language and Rust in KDevelop.

- HiDPI support improvements for KDE.

- Improving LibreOffice for Android. Separately, improvements to LibreOffice Online.

- A user-space implementation of WireGuard written in Golang.

- Wayland support for Kodi.

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- HiDPI support improvements for KDE.

- Support for Rust in KDevelop.

- VP9 decoder improvements for FFmpeg, including AVX2 usage.


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