mencoder - это наиболее тухлая часть mplayer'а, не надо её использовать.


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3. Why was MEncoder removed? Some people were still using it.

The MEncoder codebase was in very bad shape. The code quality and architecture was bad in general, and there were lots of known bugs that caused failures or more or less subtly corrupt output in a variety of circumstances. Fixing it would have required a lot of effort, and nobody was working on it. MEncoder duplicated various parts of the playback functionality and did that badly; adding some encoding support on top of the player side is overall less work than fixing all the flaws in MEncoder (see next question).

Letting MEncoder stay around in its semi-broken state was less of an issue in MPlayer as it could mostly be ignored; changes in mplayer2 meant that keeping MEncoder compiling at all would have required active work, and this wasn't really worth it considering that MEncoder development was a dead end.

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